Protein Bar reviews with Ciaran

My husband Ciaran and I have started drinking green shakes for breakfast – incredibly healthy, but not terribly filling…

By mid morning – he had been getting hungry and feeling a bit low on energy. So, I picked up 5 different protein bars – each boasting organic ingredients, wholesome ingredients and/or raw ingredients. This is about finding something to feed those cravings better than a cup of coffee and bag of chips!

So, let’s find out from Ciaran how they performed…

This is pretty good – crunchy and coconutty. Sweet, but not too sweet – it goes down well with a cup of tea. If I had a complaint, I would say that it’s a bit too chewy – my jaw felt like it had had a good workout by the time I finished it. But would I eat one again?
Most definitely!
So hungry this morning – time to break out the energy bars! Ok, this one is dense. It’s like a bar of gold bullion, only made out of dates. Sweet again – sweeter than the 18 Rabbits bar, but no added sugar so I guess it’s just the fruit. This bar is coldpressed together, so it doesn’t have the same chewiness, but that’s no bad thing.
Hmm, I actually said over the weekend that I had no interest in yoghurt bars, but this is actually pretty good. Big chunks of almond inside, so it has a good crunch without being overly chewy. It feels lighter than the other bars, but packs in 210 calories, so should keep me going.
Ok, this is pretty big. It’s double the weight of the other bars and I don’t reckon I can eat it in one sitting. So might be a good option for people who like to snack on things over the course of the day. It’s sweet and crumbly, but the raspberry flavour doesn’t really cut through. Update: I was only able to eat a quarter of it.
I love the feel of this bar, even from inside the packaging. Feels chunky and crunchy. And the bar itself doesn’t disappoint – it’s rich, dark and minty. In fact, I might go as far as to say that this is my favourite – a good crunch, not sweet and solid but not too chewy. Yes, we have a winner!
I picked them up at Cold Storage and Brown Food Paradise. They each cost around 2 – 3 dollars… maybe not an everyday food, but not a bad idea to have a few handy…just in case you have one of those days!

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