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Last Tuesday I had quite a rare treat – a facial! I so love being pampered. My mother says that, when I was little, the only way to keep me still was to fiddle with me. I think very little has changed. Except now I have a couple of kids that hang around me, so to spend an afternoon for myself was… awesome.

I booked myself into Pure Tincture for their Suki Organic Brightening Facial. The boutique itself is nice – simple and small – but the real stars of the show are the products. Depending on your needs you can choose from their range, each with their own benefits. I chose Suki because it addressed my needs – dull, aging skin. Yikes!

Suki scores really well on the GoodGuide for low health hazard, above average environmental management practices and commitment to its local community. Suki’s website talks about their commitment to use recycled and recyclable materials and to only work with suppliers who do the same. All that and their products get really great reviews for performance! That’s a company to be excited about!

Read on for the full details of the treatment and a super deal available from Pure Tincture!


During the treatment, Helen custom-tailored a blend of products from the entire Suki range to best suit my skin, which I really appreciate because after all everyone’s skin is different! Starting with a cleansing, she used about eight different products in all, and as each went on I could feel and smell how amazing this range is!

The toner is really interesting because it doesn’t feel drying like some toners can, it’s very nourishing. I really liked the exfoliating foaming cleanser. It has such a yummy scent of lemongrass and is made with sugar grains which gently exfoliate the skin until they just melt away… lovely.

I also was given a peel treatment which would of made me a bit nervous, with images of a red irritated face, but unlike synthetic formulas, this particular peel works gently and left my face happy and smooth.

Then came the massage. Wow! She could have convinced me to hand over my check book at that moment – I was butter in her hands. I loved it! She used a nourishing essential oil and as I breathed the in the scent and felt the tension releasing – I was taken somewhere else, where I thought of absolutely nothing. Bliss.

The treatment ended with a mangosteen mask which she mixed herself. As the ingredients worked on my skin, I slept for days. She tells me it was only 15 minutes – but I felt thoroughly rested.

When she finished, I felt cleansed, rejuvenated and healthy. It feels very different when you feed your skin pure, natural ingredients – it’s receiving the best nutrients and responds to it in a most positive way.

Pure Tincture definitely know what they are doing! They’ve known the benefits of organic and natural skin care for a long time now and what I love about Pure Tincture is that they strongly believe in the products they support . They’ve taken the time and effort to do the research and offer a well curated selection of organic and natural skin care. The brands each have their own stories and what I really appreciate is that each company has strong ethical, humane and environmental policies – which makes them very special.

Helen hopes that everyone can experience organic and natural skincare for themselves – and now she’s making it very easy to do so…

I’m so excited to pass on to you this amazing deal that Pure Tincture is offering! Read closely: When you purchase any of their facials – you can use the entire amount again towards the purchase of any product! Spend $75 get $75. Spend $130, get $130! It’s for a limited time only, so call them to get in!

Here’s what I used my deal to buy:

Intensive nourishing cream

I was so in need of a good moisturizer. I feel that when your budget is tight, a great place to spend your money is on:

1. A face serum

2. A daily moisturizer

3. A great sunblock

I went with the moisturizer because this particular one feels so great on the skin. It’s lightweight but very nourishing. My skin just drinks up the moisture and is left feeling – lovely and supple. I’ve noticed too that my make-up is even going on better!

I have my eye on the brightening face serum next! I’m booking myself in again on their deal so that I can get it!

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