Q: Have you ever been able to find a cheaper natural/chemical-free foundation?

just out of curiosity, have you ever been able to find a cheaper natural/chemical-free foundation? I want to try ones so bad but they’re out of my price range!

Hi goldenbells!

Thanks so much for your question! I find the same problem with natural products, but the thing is – with ingredients you really get what you pay for. Cheaper ingredients are easier to obtain but often it’s junk that you really don’t want to be putting on your face. And, if you break out easily, a lot of this stuff is pore-clogging – which is no good.

The worst pore-clogging ingredient to watch our for is: Isopropyl Myristate.

For me, I’d rather buy fewer products, but of higher quality. What I do now too is I’ll make some things at home that I used to buy – like a body scrub or hair moisturizer (just pure virgin coconut oil) that way I can use that money towards the things that I can’t make – like make-up.

Here are some suggestions:

I haven’t tried it – but I like Physician’s Formula and their line of organic make-up is meant to be great. The price is right around $13 and, on a side note, their all natural mascara is supposed to be awesome!


This is a foundation stick. It’s all natural and organic – It’s pricy around $35, but it’s super!


or you can give a mineral foundation a try…


If you come across anything too  – let me know!

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