Robertson Quay Farmer’s Market

Here’s me buying some rhubarb. I love this guy, he takes great pride in his produce! My plan is to make rhubarb crisp with this recipe

Here’s Maria eating up her Mango & Coconut popsicle from Popaganda!

With all the fresh veg and fruit, it’s hard not to get inspired with menu ideas! Look at the size of that avocado!

Little Meabh more interested in the giant cartoon cut-outs!

Yummy fresh, home-made food treats for us and for our four-legged friends! A brand new business called Wet Nose, showcased their own home-made, all natural and organic doggy treats!

The owner is still setting up her on-line shop, she said that she wanted to first see the response and whether or not people are interested in wholesome food for their pups. What do you think?

Singapore is changing. A couple years ago I couldn’t imagine buying my food from a farmer’s market – yet here it is. It’s all because of people like you, people who want something different, that this movement is growing.

Join in on Saturdays, get the details here!

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