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Meet Anne-Carole, the tea sommelier who was able to ditch her exotic skincare products, save money, and truly live her values

Anne-Carole has been living in the busy city of Singapore for the past six years. She’s passionate about tea-tasting and living a happy, healthy and green life. But her ultra-sensitive skin suffered in Singapore’s harsh urban environment and she had turned to not-so-natural skincare products for her daily routine.

Within a few weeks of joining SIMPLIFY Skin, Anne-Carole was amazed to find her skin healthier in every way. Her skin felt brighter and softer, but most importantly, she found that taking responsibility for her skincare allowed her to live her values without compromise.


“It is amazing how I can feel the difference with my skin since I am using these natural recipes.”

Making your own natural skincare products seems like a nice idea. Something crafty to do, or maybe a fun homemade gift for a friend.

But for your everyday skincare routine, well, you leave that to the experts, right?

The problem is, if you’re trying to avoid the nasty chemicals, all the natural options on the market are far too expensive — and they add up quickly!

When I first started with natural skincare, I used to feel frustrated — why do I have to choose between my wallet and doing what’s right for my body and the planet?

Anne-Carole told me a similar story:

“Before taking SIMPLIFY Skin, I was really struggling with finding the right product for my sensitive skin and at the same time be able to meet my eco-friendly/natural requirements. Moreover I needed to set a reasonable budget which was a hard thing to do due to the price of products today in stores.”

You see, there’s something that the skincare manufacturers won’t tell you:

You Don’t Have to Compromise Between Your Values and Your Wallet

When you eliminate the excess, the toxins and the chemicals, and instead nourish your skin with whole foods, it will absolutely thrive.

That’s why in SIMPLIFY Skin, I teach you first to know what your skin needs so that you can simplify your routine and “buy less, but better”. That’s what Anne-Carole is talking about here:

“The biggest change was clearly the fact that I took conscience of how much money I could spend on unnecessary products and how unhealthy it was for myself in every ways. The Project Fresh Start really helped me realize how much I was not aligned with myself on this matter and gave me the proper kick to start off a new me.”

Making Natural Skincare Isn’t A Chore — It’s Simple

One of the things I hear from people that have tried making their own skincare products is that they don’t know where to start.

That’s why I’ve spent years testing the best, simplest natural skincare recipes for every skin type, so that you can confidently get started and get results. Here’s what Anne-Carole had to say:

“It is also such a pleasure to make my own products! I really praise these moments (I listen to great music, I sing, I smile and get very excited about which ingredient is going to rock my world that week)… I truly enjoy every step of the process (thinking the recipe, getting the products, making and applying them).

Choosing to make your own Simplify routine is an entirely new way of living and being basically. You are not only having eco-friendly and natural acts for yourself and the planet, but you also participate in taking responsibility of your own beauty and well-being, which are two extremely rewarding values to be applied in your mind, body and spirit. Maybe that is why these are truly efficient products… they actually work on your inner and outer beauty at the same time… They really do!!!”

Making your natural skincare products is only one small part of SIMPLIFY Skin. I also teach you the essential skills to make natural skincare a way of life, including:

  • how your skin works and the natural ingredients it needs to thrive
  • where to find ethical and eco-friendly products, to know what’s in your skincare and support like-minded brands
  • how to create a personalised skincare routine in just 20 minutes a week

and much more…