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Meet Linda, the active mother of two who broke the hold of skincare marketing and became empowered by her natural skincare routine

Linda leads a very active lifestyle. From her job running the administration of a kindergarten, to looking after her two children, Linda rarely falls short of her 10,000 steps a day goal.

Linda’s weekends are busy too, with her long Saturday runs, and Sundays spent in yoga sessions and prepping meals for the week ahead. Whew!

But even with an outwardly natural and healthy lifestyle, the beauty industry still had a hold over Linda:


“I used to believe the more expensive the products, the better they were”

We’ve all been guilty of it — getting fooled by the extraordinary, breathtaking claims of the latest lotions and potions. Thinking that if we just have this one new product, our imperfections and blemishes will be wiped away clean forever.

Here’s how Linda puts it:

“I used to read lots of fashion magazines, mainly to keep myself updated on the latest beauty and skincare products. I was led by the persuasive write up of the products, the nice packaging, the flawless skin of the models and of course, the freebies one gets from their loyalty programs. I used to believe the more expensive the products, the better they were. I had to forgo lots of other things I love to use these products.”

I know that feeling all too well! My natural skincare journey started with the rude awakening I had when I discovered that the trusted brand of baby products I’d used on my firstborn was full of strange chemicals which, had I known, I could never imagine putting on her skin.

From then on, I used to go window shopping and crave these beautiful all-natural skincare products and occasionally buy them for the family as a treat. Bath teas, body scrubs, with beautiful whole food ingredients. But that price tag!

Effective Skincare Shouldn’t Be A Luxury

I was frustrated that natural and non-toxic products were being sold as a luxury. Even though I desperately wanted to use safe products for my family, I couldn’t afford them as an everyday option.

That’s when I began learning about and making my own natural skincare products. And, as Linda discovered…

“SIMPLIFY changes all that! I still read a lot but now with a focus on understanding which essential oils to use on different skin conditions. I look out for recipes using ingredients that are available from the nearby supermarket or I can easily order from iHerb. I look out for different suppliers and read up on their sources. If I need a product, I am inclined to support small businesses that craft their own products. I can feel their passion in each product.”

For me, this is really the essence of SIMPLIFY Skin…

  • buying less
  • buying better
  • making more!

Following the three-week SIMPLIFY Skin program, Linda saw great results quickly:

“I started with decluttering. Threw out all the samples that I have been collecting from very established and expensive brands. I realized that I do not actually need them. My daily skincare actually needs way fewer products than I thought.”

Here’s what life looks like for Linda now:

“I have made Rose Hydrating Toner which is a gem. I use it before going to bed as I sleep in an air conditioned room and give myself a spritz after my hot yoga. Perfect! I have also been making jars of the Gingerbread Body Scrub and Snowflake Body Scrub for myself and my colleagues for their birthdays. Natural food grade ingredients and easy to make. Smell heavenly too. My skin feels moisturised after each scrub, leaving a nice glow due to the coconut oil.”

That’s what simplifying is all about! With your homemade products, you enjoy the same quality as you find in the stores – but you’re lavish with yourself! You’re treating your full body, everyday. Every single inch of you deserves the best!

Natural Beauty Transforms How You Feel From The Inside Out

What I love most about Linda’s journey, however, is the same thing I noticed in my own. It’s about the changes you notice when you stop listening to skincare marketing with its focus in your imperfections, and start focussing on what your body really wants:

“I feel empowered to decide on what to use on my skin as it is my very own skincare routine. The very same theory that my yoga teacher always emphasizes that it is my practice, not hers. I have to listen to my own body. I observe my skin condition, my mood and apply accordingly.”

Hear hear!

I asked Linda if she had any thoughts for people considering SIMPLIFY Skin who were looking to make their own changes in life. Here’s how she responded:

“Considering SIMPLIFY? I would say go for it. Declutter your life, clear your mind and it gives you the confidence and assurance that life can still be beautiful without the fluff!”

Making your natural skincare products is only one small part of SIMPLIFY Skin. I also teach you the essential skills to make natural skincare a way of life, including:

  • how your skin works and the natural ingredients it needs to thrive
  • where to find ethical and eco-friendly products, to know what’s in your skincare and support like-minded brands
  • how to create a personalised skincare routine in just 20 minutes a week

and much more…