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Get the SIMPLIFY Skin Autumn Starter Kit

Your skin will glow with these four Autumn recipes, for inside and out!
Get the SIMPLIFY Skin Autumn Starter Kit

Hi, it’s Militza from Little Green Dot :)

This Autumn is all about taking care of your skin with the same whole foods that build a healthy body.

To make that easier for you, I’ve developed a series of Autumn-inspired recipes using the lessons from my years spent learning from herbalists, nutritionists and professional natural skincare makers.

Every recipe is a good choice, loaded with the nutrients that will make your skin GLOW!

I’ve collected the recipes into a brand new SIMPLIFY Skin Autumn Starter Kit – the perfect start to a season of amazing natural skincare that’s going to leave you feeling healthy and happy, inside and out.

So what are you waiting for? Start the season right — enter your details below and get instant access to my free SIMPLIFY Skin Autumn Starter Kit!

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