Skin Wellness Consultation

Curious about which ingredients are best suited for your skin?

Do you have a skin concern that you want to address naturally?

I created this service to provide you a space where you can receive guidance and clarity about your skin's unique needs.

Want an herbalist-guided, customized approach to skincare?

Curious about which ingredients are best suited for your unique needs and constitution?

Holistic Skincare Coaching with Militza Maury.

An herbalist-guided, customized approach to designing a skincare routine that supports you fully, skin health and total wellness.

Meet with Militza Virtually

When you book a consultation, you’ll receive an in-depth private video call exploring all the facets of YOU – to unlock and understand what your skin is communicating about what it really needs. 

During the consultation, I’ll guide you through my unique approach to skincare which looks for root causes and connections to the conditions that you see on the surface. You’ll be able to ask any questions about your skin, how to make your own skincare –  and learn which herbs, botanicals, and routines can help you create healthy skin and whole-body wellness.

About the consultation

I prepare for the consultation by studying your intake form, which is a very special questionnaire that I developed after years of working with different people and skin conditions.

We’ll explore your questions and skincare concerns – and identify your goal and vision for healthy skin.

With a holistic view, we’ll co-create a skincare wellness plan that cares for and address your needs, supports your goals and maintains your most radiant self.

You’ll receive a fully-customized Skincare Wellness Plan with specific herbs and botanicals, daily routines and practices tailored just for you.

  • Increase your clarity and confidence in understanding your skin.
  • Get specific herbs and botanicals matched to your unique skin
  • Receive fully-customized, printable Skincare Wellness Plan
  • Receive printable recipes and/or product recommendations
  • Resources & support that you need for your skin wellness journey

Booking your consultation

Once you have scheduled and paid for your consultation, I will send you a follow-up email with the intake forms to fill out and a calendar to pick your preferred date and time.

Skincare Wellness Consultation: $75

a free 5 day skincare plan

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