Skin Reading Sessions

Your skin reflects your inner most needs.

Skin Readings are your roadmap to understanding what that is.

If you’re wondering: 

Why am I breaking out in this one area?

Why won’t this eczema go away?

Why does my skin react to everything?

What am I supposed to use on my skin? 

A Skin Reading helps you answer those questions.

As an herbalist, I’ve specialized in skin health – and focus on how conditions of the skin connect to your whole physical and emotional body. We’re going to unlock your skin’s unique form of expression, what its communicating – and get to the core of what will create health, vibrancy and balance.

I know what’s it’s like to constantly search for the “right” product that will finally work. The beauty industry did us such a big disservice. It gave us a shallow view of our skin, and disempowered us from believing that we could create our own skin wellness.

This session helps you learn how to work with your skin, not “silence” its messages, but to actually listen, observe and notice what you need right now. 

You have everything inside of you to bring out the best in your skin.

I want you to feel empowered, confident and comfortable in your skin – and inspired by the way you can make yourself light up and glow.

About your Skin Reading

The first step is to “read” your skin. I prepare for the session by studying your Skin Chart, which is a very special chart that I developed after years of working with different people and skin conditions. The Skin Chart is my unique approach to skincare that looks for the root causes and connections to the conditions that you see on the surface.

And then we’ll connect for our session. During the session, we’ll delve deep into your skin chart. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive the insights and guidance that you’ve been looking for. 

You’ll come away with a plan. We’ll talk about which herbs, botanicals and routines will be specific to you, and how to create your own skincare/selfcare blends at home. We will also talk about specific lifestyle, and internal remedies that will support you.

We’ll become fast friends over the call – but it’s always good to know who you’re speaking to :)

My name is Militza (When I was younger, I went by  Melissa because no one could pronounce my name. I don’t do that anymore!) I’m an herbalist, specializing in skin health. Skincare educator, skincare consultant for natural brands and retailers, skincare formulator and author of the book Natural Homemade Skincare. All that to say: I’m obsessed with the skin and natural healing remedies – and also being okay with the things that make you unique. 

After working with hundreds of people with acne, eczema, sensitive skin issues… I realized our skin is just as unique, and as complex as we are as individuals. (which is why your best friends favorite products, may not work for you) So I developed Skin Readings  to delve into your skin’s unique form of expression, to better understand what will help you achieve the results you want to see – your most radiant self!

PS: expect our conversation to go from eczema, to your life’s purpose, to what soap you’re using… because it’s wild just how connected it all is…

Can’t wait to get started! 

My Lingo:

Skin Reading: Tuning into your skin, to uncover what it’s saying about your needs right now. 

Skin Chart: Your chart tells you how your skin works, its constitution, personality, how it connects to and responds to your physical and emotional world. 

Please use the schedule above to book your Skin Wellness Session with Militza Maury. The sessions are held virtually, via Zoom. If you have any questions or have special needs, please email [email protected] so that I can create a supportive experience for you.

Once you have booked your session, you will receive an email with an intake form to fill out and return before our call together. 

It’s a good idea to think about your questions and write them down, so that we can make sure to go over everything you want clarity on. I recommend that you have a journal handy, to take notes during the call.

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