I love that your blog makes everything seem so fun and non-intimidating. My mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago, and we went organic as much as we can, and have been incorporating lots of veg/fruit shakes for her with the blender. But she was in hospital again recently so I really want to amp up her nutrition intake so thank you so much again for your blog!


Proud of what you’re doing, and love to read about your healthy living tips. We need more people like you in Singapore. Keep it up :-)

Agatha (aka Agy)

I’m very happy I found your blog upon arriving in Singapore and it’s been a very useful source in terms of organic eco living. Keep up the great posts, I’m always happy to learn new things :)


If anything it is your blog that has enriched my life. Having followed it for several months now and even going through the earlier entries, I’ve gone and adapted, chosen, bought, made, blended and gobbled down many of your great post suggestions. A very good “life hacker” directory!


I can’t tell you how much I love your blog and facebook updates. From all the lovely storehouses of treasure in Singapore to the amazing recipes and wholesome living to the beautiful snaps of your little one – I have enjoyed them all and learnt so much in the past few months. I make an extra step to consult your blog guides and make my kitchen and living more Earth and self- friendly! Thank you for all the tips and guidance. Thank you, really! :)


I really enjoy reading about all the eco-posts you have but most of all the beauty stuff we can create in our own kitchens. Looking forward to more awesome stuff.


Thanks for showing us that living a responsible life is possible everywhere and that when there is a will there is a way.


If only this blog was a whole book I could devour & keep forever :)

Noor Hanisah

Your little green dot is about to become a BIG GREEN DOT! Congrats. You are so inspiring.


I have been following your blog religiously for a while now and out of all the different eco/healthy living blogs, I especially love yours because you’re based in our tiny little island! :D Thank you so much for all the fun ideas!

Yi Ning

I read all your updates and your posts showed me how it is possible to make natural and wholesome food and living choices! Oh not to forget that your infused vinegar is a life-saver! I use it to clean almost everything and made bottles to give away :)


Love what you have here – makes me rethink how it’s still possible to be green even in a city like Singapore!


I am really so thankful to have chanced upon this blog cos you have the info that I need, especially trying to eat healthy and finding the right ingredients are not exactly easy tasks in sunny Singapore.


I am in aww with this blog so much helpful information. I just started on my journey of eating clean and working out. It’s been 8 weeks and i’ve lost 11lbs. I am always open to reading and learning more. Anything that helps me stay on the straight and narrow :)


I’m glad to have joined both your home and toddler’s diet detox workshops! Have been using natural cleaners since and trying my best to make healthy meals for my kids. All the best!!!


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