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Hi! I’m back from my mini-holiday! Total bliss! I went to Bagus Place in Tioman, Malaysia, an eco-resort located in a marine park. The resort was built by and is operated by our friends, he works for the WWF and has a strong environmental foundation that can be seen throughout. It’s a beautiful and inspiring place that leaves you feeling so connected to nature. Well, to be honest, the shark was probably a little closer to nature than I usually like to be… but wow, what an experience!

The beach is dotted with beautiful bits of coral and seashells – I wanted to fill bags with it and at one point seriously contemplated bringing home a hermit crab! But we all can use a reminder, and in that moment, here is exactly what my clever husband said:

This holiday served a great opportunity to talk to my daughter about our environmental efforts. We talked about the turtle that was spotted around the pier and how it likes to eat jellyfish, but can sometimes mistake plastic bags floating in the water as food. On that trip, she made the connection and on our journey home, every time she spotted litter, she pointed to it and said “oh no!”

That’s what stepping out from your everyday life is all about. To give yourself that opportunity to experience new things, to feel inspired by others and to make those connections about how it is we affect the world around us. The tan is really just an added bonus!

So, when will your next holiday be?

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