The Eco-friendly Kiddie Birthday Bash Guide – Part 2 – Games and Decorations

Welcome to Part 2 of your Kiddie Eco-Friendly Birthday Bash! In part 1, we covered party Themes and Food. Now, let’s roll right along to party Games and Decorations!

These are great do-it-yourself opportunities. Part of being eco-friendly is getting away from the mentality that things need be “perfect.” Things made of bright molded plastic will always get their attention – but it’s a good to teach them to see the beauty in imperfection and the charm and effort in the handmade.


Games – Organized chaos!

Depending on the age group and the venue, you’ll want to have a couple different games or activities. This is a great opportunity for you to design your own, using eco-friendly and re-purposed materials! Get crafty, plan some fun projects with your kiddie (weeks before – let’s keep it stress free) and get them excited about thinking creatively and sustainably.

Here are a few fun ideas:

Permanent play stations – keep them entertained 

You definitely don’t want kids looking for something to do, especially true for younger ones. For those moments in between eating and organized games, it’s a good thing to have an activity station that the kids can entertain themselves with. Again, this is another great DIY moment, and an opportunity to teach kids how to be creative and resourceful! Remember, When it comes to kids, all you need is a cardboard box and their imaginations will run wild.

Here are some fun ideas:


Decorations – DIY moment!

Making your own decorations means that you can avoid buying those pre-made, plastic decorations and instead get crafty and make your own. Come up with a few fun craft projects and slowly work on them with your kids. It makes it extra special for them to see their efforts hung up on the day!

  • Let nature do the work

Go for a walk with your kids, pick up all the fallen flowers, branches and natural things littering the ground and use them spruce up the place! These scattered around would be cute for a nautical/beach theme!

  • Focus on one area

This helps to minimize the amount of stuff you need (which inevitability becomes garbage). If you go with something like the sit down meal, you can go all out on the table setting and make it the focal point.

  • Re-purpose materials

Your home is full of materials waiting to be used creatively! Take a day to look around your house with your kids – and see what you can come up with, you’ll be surprised!

Here are some ideas:

– bedsheet bunting

– fabric pom-poms

– paper streamers

– plastic bottle flower garland

  • Use eco-friendly options

You can find bio-degradable balloons in Super Nature!


Great! By consciously choosing your games and decorations, you’ve helped by:

  1. Teaching your little one to appreciate handmade effort
  2. Reducing the amount of plastic and opting for natural, bio-degradable materials
  3. Reducing the amount of things, by focusing on small areas
  4. Re-purposing materials
  5. Using eco-friendly options

–  Now let’s look into Cake and Take-home Party Favors! Make sure to check out Part 3!

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