The Eco-friendly Kiddie Birthday Bash Guide – Part 3 – Cake and Goodie Bags

You’ve made it to Part 3 of your Eco-Friendly Kiddie Bash, which means you’re almost there! In part 1 we learned how to plan the Theme and Food, In part 2 we went over Games and Decorations and now we’ll finish with Cake and Goodie Bags!


Cake – Make it! Yes, you can!

I am in no way a baker, but I think that a home baked cake, with sloppy icing is just the most beautiful thing. In this way too, you can control the ingredients, using organic flour (even organic boxed cake mix) and low-sugar icing! It’s more delicious when it’s lovingly made, and teaching our children to appreciate effort and its beautiful imperfections is a wonderful thing (By the way, a rainbow layer cake is easier than it looks)!

And if you’re feeling completely inspired, Design Mom shows us how to make our own cookie-cutter-shaped candles!

  • Let them decorate it!

For smaller parties, make the whole theme centered around decorating their own cakes or cupcakes. They will have a blast making their own sloppy efforts! Your child will feel great blowing the candles from a cake that they made themselves and the rest get boxed up as party gifts! Start a day early, go crazy baking your 5 or 6 small cakes (go ahead and used the boxed stuff) and have it ready for icing and decorating on the day – they will love it!

  • Let someone else make it!

There are some great bakers, who also lovingly bake their cakes with healthy and organic ingredients! Check out Delcie’s Desserts here in Singapore.


Goodie Bags – send them off with a sweet message!

You can definitely go to any party shop and pick up pre-packaged goodie bags full of candy and plastic toys (they just end up breaking after 5 minutes anyway), but a small simple effort can make for a really memorable gift. You can do good by using eco-friendly materials and create something wonderful! It won’t have their favorite character plastered all over it, but really, a breath of fresh air might be a good thing.

Making the party favors with your children will show them how to be creative and thoughtful, and it can also teach the recipient to appreciate small but loving gestures.

Here are some easy and fun ideas:

I hope this guide was helpful! And I hope that you can make for an even more joyous occasion knowing that you’ve made a difference for the better.

By consciously choosing your Cake and Goodie Bags you helped by:

  1. Choosing organic, fair-trade and locally made ingredients to make your cake
  2. Supporting great business who use organic ingredients
  3. Teaching little ones to appreciate simple homemade foods, even when it’s not a cookie-cut mold of perfection
  4. Teaching little ones to enjoy being creative
  5. Teaching little ones to be thoughtful in gift giving
  6. Teaching little ones to make their own things using recycled and re-purposed materials
  7. Teaching little ones to appreciate handmade gifts

A child who enjoys being creative, takes pleasure in simple things, appreciates the handmade and respects nature along the way – is someone who grows up to have a positive influence on our world. Well done to you for guiding them! Now, celebrate!!

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