The Gift of Food


My husband recently spent a week in  Amsterdam – riding his bicycle along the canal, taking in the sights, indulging in Dutch cuisine… Yeah ok, I may have been the tiniest bit jealous – but any of that immediately disappeared when he presented me with the most perfect gift – a selection of Dutch cheeses. I know, it’s not the normal, honey I’m back from my trip kind of a gift – but that’s why I loved it so much. All travel-envy was forgotten and now I’m busy thinking of ways to use all my glorious cheeses! Thoughts of wine, cheese and friends are filling my mind!

It’s a reminder about what makes food so special –  it creates new experiences. Food brings people together and a new flavour can transport us outside the everyday. What an incredible gift!

I’ve decided this will be my new thing (ok, my husband started it) –  to find and share with friends foods that inspire. Homegrown, artisanal provisions that celebrate cultures, traditions and everything we love about about real food!

Here are a few for the collection – Singapore Edition!



1. The Hunter’s Kitchenette Nut Butters // 2. A. Muse Projects Specialty Teas // 3. Two Rabbit’s Smokey Chilli // 4. GSH Conserves // 5. Jungle Beer // 6. The Edible Co. Granola

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