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Hi! I thought we could have a quick chat! This week has been a little all over the place, so get ready for a bit of randomness!

So, how are you coping with all of this rain? I work from home and my eldest is off from school for 2 weeks, and the rain has us mostly locked in! I’m desperately trying to find indoor activities to keep from going stir crazy, so if you have any suggestions, please share!!

One thing we got up to was some cooking!

Here’s the rhubarb crumble that I told you about! I won’t lie – I pulled it out of the fridge this morning to take this photo, and I ate that big chunk that came up with the spoon :) Crumble can be a breakfast food too, right?

If you like sweet and tangy, soury flavors – this crumble is for you!


This will soon be on my balcony!

I’m so excited – my husband and I had contributed to fund this Windowfarms project – and now, with all the contributions given from around the world, they’ve raised the money needed to kickstart this project. They’ve built this kit (the one above) to assemble your own window farm and next March we should be receiving our two towers! If you’re interested, you can still get in on it – you have until Dec. 7th, so do check it out!


I’m thinking about attempting this DIY

I saw it on this blog and she makes it look easy enough! I believe that being able to make our own things, is one of the cornerstones of living an eco-friendly lifestyle! The rugs are usually pretty inexpensive, made of natural fibers, and the final effect looks really graphic and bold! I really love it!


Also, there’s going to be an Eco Bazaar going on this weekend (Dec 3rd,4th) at City Square Mall from 11am to 8pm – if you check it out, let me know if you find any new green products that look good!


That’s pretty much what’s been going on here. Have a great day!

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