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Last week I met Delphinia, the mommy behind Four Cow Farm – a line of all natural baby skin care inspired by her own babies delicate skin and created by a grandmum’s own healing and nourishing recipes!

Look out for the interview on Behind the Brand this Friday!

When it comes to our children’s skin, Delphinia is so passionate and so very informed! I learned a lot and was really inspired by her message of living a more simple and natural life!

Delphinia shares with us her top 5 eco tips!


1. Top tip for being eco-friendly

We try not to use disposable plastic. When we go out to eat, we bring our own cutlery – I just throw it in my giant bag that I always carry around as a Mum! It’s the one-time-use plastics that are the worst offenders. When we look at the stuff that we buy – realize that when it leaves your home it has to go somewhere. Be conscious about the journey of where it comes from and where it goes.

We ‘go veggie’ twice a week. Industrial meat farming is a major cause of global warming and greenhouse gases, as well as a huge absorber of energy resources (not to mention how most animals are treated prior and during the meat production process). It takes a huge amount of energy to rear a pound of meat versus a pound of vegetables, so we ‘go veggie’ twice a week. Which means delicious veggie lasagna, pastas and sandwiches (with lots of homemade chutney on those!). It makes us feel healthier too and, of course, it feels good to be doing our little bit to save the earth

2. Top tip for an eco-friendly home

We compost! Yes, we keep two compost bins on our balcony for all our vegetable and fruit cuttings so those go back to the plants as nutrient-rich soil.

(Delphinia shares a photo of her home here in Singapore and the compost bins that she keeps on her balcony!)

3. Top tip for eco-friendly eating

We love to shop for our food at Green Circle eco-farm. Their approach is great: “Come learn how vegetables are grown.” They’re lovely people, you know that what you’re buying there!

4. Top favorite eco-friendly mommy product

In terms of skin care I use all of our own products! I also love organic rooibos tea – it has lots of antioxidants. South African mothers give it to their newborns! It has a good history.

5. Top favorite eco-friendly activity with kiddies

We like to walk along the river and spot insects – I try to make it a nature walk and teach them about the different trees and plants. It keeps them close to nature and gives them that connection. There is something called Nature Deficit Disorder, where children do not experience the silence and peace that comes with being connected to nature.


Little Green Dot Notes:

1. Find out more about composting from Four Cow Farm’s blog, where Delphinia shares a link to urban composting and how to make your own indoor compost bin!

2. Check Green Circle Eco-Farm where you can order your fruits and veg online and have it delivered straight to your home.

3. You can find Rooibos Tea in most organic/health food stores. Have a look in the Little Green Dot directory to find one near you.

5. Learn more about Nature Deficit Disorder.

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