Top 5 Eco Workout Tips : Touch The Toes

I recently met Wuen and Kelly, the girls behind Touch The Toes – a brand new eco-friendly yoga & fitness apparel shop on Arab Street. Look out for their spot on Behind The Brand this Friday!


Wuen and Kelly in their boutique


These girls live and breathe yoga! Wuen and Kelly shared some tips on how to

make your workout kit more eco-friendly!

Tip 1 – Carry a reusable water container – the gym will sell you bottled water, but it’s expensive and wasteful! Great tip: add a couple drops of essential oil to your water for flavour and an added health boost! But make sure it’s therapeutic grade! Kelly’s favorite: Young Living’s lemon oil.

Tip 2 – Wear something comfortable, pretty and eco-friendly!

Tip 3 – Most gyms provide plastic bags for your post-workout gear – carry your own reusable baggie and say no to plastic bags!

Tip 4 – Pack some organic toiletries – Wuen’s favorite: Intelligent Nutrients

Tip 5 –  Stash a yummy post workout treat – the girls agree – Ombar probiotic chocolate bars! They’re healthy, organic and delicious!

Thanks Wuen and Kelly!


Little Green Dot Notes: I tracked down some of Wuen and Kelly’s faves!

  • Check out Simply Living – they have a great range of water containers
  • Touch the Toes has you covered for your eco-friendly workout gear, therapeutic grade essential oils and yummy healthy chocolate treats!
  • You can find Wuen’s favorite skin care line – Intelligent Nutrients here:
    • Bud cosmetics
    • Aramsa Spa – They also do a rejuvenating facial treatment using Intelligent Nutrient’s skin care line!

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