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I met with Humaa, the creator of Idocare – a new Singaporean brand of safe cleaning products for the home. We had a great chat and I look forward to sharing the interview with you –  watch out for it this Friday on Behind The Brand!

When it comes to being green she’s definitely in the know. I asked her to share with us  her top 5 eco loves!


1. Top eco-friendly tip:

Consciously recycle! I have 3 little bins in my house that I fill up everyday and take them to the drop-off bin myself!

2. Top eco-friendly restaurant:

Living Greens, it’s a really great vegetarian restaurant

3. Top eco-friendly baby product:

Angel Baby Bottom Balm – I use it on everything!  nappy rash, cuts, mosquito bites, it’s my cure-all!

4. Top eco-friendly kids toy:

My daughter’s cardboard kitchen – I can just fold it away when she’s not playing with it. Best thing is, when she grows out of it – it’s recyclable!

5. Top new eco-friendly love:

Worm composting! I’ve just started – I picked up the kit from Choose and it comes complete with everything you need – including a bag of worms! My daughter loves it and it’s great that she gets to see the process.

Thanks Humaa!


Note from Little Green Dot:

I tracked down some of Humaa’s favorites for all of us to check out!

  •  Cardboard Play Kitchen – Find it here:

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