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Hi, my name is Militza – a foodie at heart – I make skincare in the kitchen. My passion, as an herbalist, skincare formulator, natural skincare educator, and aromatherapist – is to redefine skincare as whole-body nourishment.

I started creating natural skincare recipes in 2010. Back then there were only a handful of natural skincare brands available where I lived… and I couldn’t afford to buy any of them!

So I started learning how to make them. I would look at a product, read the ingredients list, and try to “reverse engineer” my own recipe.

I couldn’t create anything complicated that required special equipment. My kitchen was TINY! I couldn’t use ingredients that I didn’t understand. And I couldn’t use “specialty” ingredients that I couldn’t find in my local supermarket.

But all of those “limitations”… developed my passion and my unique perspective on skincare.

I learned how to make skincare from beautiful, real-food ingredients – and it made my skin healthy like nothing I had ever used before. More than that, it changed the way I felt inside, it was nourishing me from the outside in. In my kitchen, I figured out how to make natural skincare that was simple, that felt luxurious and worked.

The obvious thought may have been to create my own line of products. There was definitely a gap in the market for what I offered. But I knew that the gap I needed to fill – was education.

So I started teaching. And over the years I ran dozens of workshops teaching people how to simplify and use real, whole food ingredients to make their own skincare.

Groups of mamas would come to learn how to care for their babies, and for themselves naturally. People came to learn how to heal their eczema and acne when conventional beauty had failed them for so long. And many of my students were so inspired by their own results and this simple but transformative idea of “nourishing the skin” – that they went on to create their own line of skincare and teach their own workshop too.

I created this online space to continue connecting with and teaching people all around the world! Today you’ll find me 

  • In my kitchen, hair tied up in a bun, creating new recipes.
  • On a call with my students teaching them about herbs and oils.
  • Or writing and sharing the message to enjoy skincare as a wonderful and nourishing part of your everyday life.

If you feel the call to learn about “whole food” skincare – whether it’s for yourself, your family, or your community – I’m thrilled to be your teacher. 

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