Natural Homemade Skincare, by Militza Maury

I wrote this book in my kitchen. It’s filled with all sorts of skincare recipes, made with simple, pantry ingredients. And the results for people have been amazing. It’s not a new approach, it’s really about going back to basics.

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Here are some nice things people have said about my book…

“I love love love this book. Every page is just another great recipe after another. It’s perfect for those who are just starting out on this natural journey and who want to know the basics with added yummy information so you’re not overwhelmed. I’d say 95% of the ingredients I already had at home. It’s one of my favorite books.”
– Jennifer

I absolutely love how informative and creative this book is! The products are so beautiful and fresh, and the recipes are totally foolproof! Militza gives great recommendations on where to get organic herbs and great carrier oils for skincare. You can tell that this book was created with so much love and passion for what she does. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Militza!
– Tory L.

I am very glad I found this book. I’m studying herbs and this book is perfect for my needs. I really like the all-natural recipes using herbs. It has skin care for acne/oily skin which is great for my teen. And recipes for caring for inflamed skin conditions, which is really helpful to me with rosacea. My daughter and I made the candy lip scrub and the super green powder mask. I highly recommend adding this book to your herb and wellness collection.
– pbandjmom

“Militza’s book is filled with practical recipes that will fill your home and your heart with the rich healing power of plants. Her time-tested formulas lean on the traditions of our ancestors, bringing beauty and balance to our modern-day routine.”
– Emily Ruff, Director of the Florida School of Holistic Living

You know how you get all excited and squeak out a little “eep!” and jump up and down when you see something so adorable or amazing that it totally makes your day? That’s how I felt about Militza’s book, Natural Homemade Skin Care, the first time I opened its pages. This book is filled with sixty amazing, natural skin care recipes that you’re going to love to make!
– Rebecca D. Dillon, Soap Deli New

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