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1-hour virtual consultation with Militza, skincare Herbalist

Your skin, aka: “the organ of communication” is a powerful resource for self-knowledge.

The skin is deeply interconnected to your inner world. When you learn to work with your skin, you can better understand your unique body, and your core needs, both inside & out.

I will help you rethink skincare as a tool for self-connection.

I will teach you how to work with your skin, to interpret its messages, and to create an herbal skincare routine that nourishes the health and vibrancy that you want to see and feel.

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Get a personalized herbal skincare plan – with recipes that you can make at home!

Get a personalized herbal skincare plan – with recipes that you can make at home!
Build a more nourishing relationship with your body, understand your skin’s needs & create your own wellness.

About your Skin Reading Session

The first step is to “read” your skin. I prepare for the session by studying your Skin Chart, which is a very special chart that I developed after years of working with different people and skin conditions. The Skin Chart is my unique approach to skincare that looks for the root causes and connections to the conditions that you see on the surface.

And then we’ll connect for our session. During the session, we’ll delve deep into your Skin Chart. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive the insights and guidance that you’ve been looking for. 

You’ll come away with a plan. We’ll talk about which herbs, botanicals and routines will be specific to you, and how to create your own skincare/selfcare blends at home. We will also talk about specific lifestyle, and internal remedies that will support you.

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