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  • Fuel for Doing Good! Four Great Chia Seed Recipes!

    Do you know what this world needs? A happy, productive, & vibrant you! We have a lot of work to do to make this world awesome, and for that happen, we need to make sure that our bodies are healthy. It takes energy to go outdoors, plant a garden, pick up trash, make our own things […]

  • What are Chia Seeds? Plus Six Reasons You Should be Eating Them!

    Recently I’ve been feeling noticeably different: tons more energy. Running around Singapore, taking on more projects, feeling creative… I’m enjoying full days. To keep active, I do eat a healthy diet, but I also like to experiment and try new things to see what works for me. So what’s different? For a few months now I’ve been eating one […]

  • Get More Energy With The Coconut Chia Fresca

    Life is busy. We’re constantly running around, juggling so many things and fighting off exhaustion. So, I thought we could all use a good energy drink: the Coconut Chia Fresca! This recipe is inspired by a popular drink in Mexico called the Chia Fresca, which is made of water, chia seeds, lime juice and sugar. […]