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  • DIY – Branches and Twigs!

    DIY – Branches and Twigs!

    Go out for a walk, pick up fallen branches – and make something beautiful! For their room: image, image, image, image For their imagination: How-to, How-to, image For your home: how-to, how-to, how-to, image For your things: how-to, image, image, image Love nature!

  • Repurpose It! Glass and Tin Packaging

    Repurpose It! Glass and Tin Packaging

    Change the way you shop – consider what you can do with the packaging… 1. Paint the inside 2. Make candle holders 3. Grow a garden 4. Make stilts 5. grow a plant 6. make a magnet 7. Make a vase 8. make a table centerpiece 9. Display favorite photos 10. Catch the stars (try…