Ikea Hacking at home! Join the Mini Maker Faire!

We all have that one piece of furniture that no longer seems to fit in. You bought it at a time when you had a need, and sometimes those needs change. You may be¬†tempted¬†to walk it down to the curbside for the karang guni man, and in the name of¬†decluttering¬†and simplifying our lives, this might not be a bad idea. But¬†before you do that, take a hard look at it and think about how you can make something of it! If you’ve heard of Ikea hacks, then you know where I’m going with this! If you haven’t… take a look below!

*And if you like some of the ideas below, or are into the idea making things, I have some fun news for you. Keep reading!*

Let me know your favourite Ikea hack in the comments!

Now, do you like to make things? Well, so do lots of others in Singapore! And this weekend there’s going to be a whole bunch of us getting together for the Singapore Mini Maker Faire! You should¬†definitely¬†check it out. Surround yourself with creative energy and who knows what you might make of it!

There you’ll see: Urban Microfarming, Ikea Hacking, the¬†DIY Lifestyle Challenge, Sustainable Living Lab¬†and¬†so much more!

Come check it out this weekend!

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