Kid’s Birthday – Party Food

This is a quick look at an idea that turned out really well! If you’ve ever thrown or have attended a kid’s party – you know that these little guys expect to have a good selection of treat laid out! When set loose, they can demolish a table of chips and cookies in minutes. I wanted the kids to have a nice dessert table, but without the inevitable sugar crash and belly ache that comes with it. I was inspired by the yogurt bars that you see in malls, with all the toppings to choose from, so I created our own yogurt station which turned out to be great fun, super yummy and sneakily healthy!

Here’s what I did, it was so easy and a big hit with the kids!

  • Get a few flavors of yogurt, I went with two big tubs each of mango and strawberry. Set them in an ice bucket to keep cold
  • Cut up fruit like strawberry, mango, dragon fruit, grapes, kiwi… you name it!
  • Add in some fun bits like sprinkles or mini marshmallows
  • I also made a homemade granola as a topping which was really yummy!
  • Put each topping in a bowl with a spoon to serve

The kids loved building their own yogurt sundae, choosing their toppings… a lot of them were bit heavy on the sprinkles but, hey, it’s a party after all!

Serve this healthy treat at your next party – and by the way, the adults loved it too!

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