This spring, let’s keep cooking bright, light and SIMPLE. Here are 10 One Pot Spring Dishes that you can make in a slow-cooker… and if you don’t have one yet – I highly recommend you do! GO out and get a slow cooker this weekend. I bought mine for $50 and it’s made life easier and more delicious! You won’t regret it 🙂

ONE // Butter Chickpeas 
A take on the Indian dish, Butter Chicken – this meal is protein rich, vegan and gluten free with a rich coconut milk based sauce. Grab the Recipe: Delish Knowledge

TWO // Jerk Pork with Caribbean Salsa

Marinated overnight and slow cooked all day while you’re away –  the left overs can be used a million ways for breakfast and lunch. Grab the Recipe: Skinny Taste

THREE // Spring Lamb Stew

A spring time meal with a french twist. Servie it with  Grab the Recipe: Good to Know

FOUR // Spring Chicken Soup
A feel-good meal brightened up with springtime veggies. Make it heartier with a side of crusty bread or add brown rice mixed in to the soup. Grab the Recipe: Gourmet Traveller

FIVE // Springtime Minestrone
Asparagus, spinach, peas with a little romano cheese on top! Grab the Recipe: How Sweet it Is

SIX // Moroccan Chicken
Chicken thighs cooked with  zingy lemons and olives. Grab the Recipe: Moms with Crockpots

SEVEN // Spring Corn with Potato Chowder
Slow-Food4A hearty soup brightened up with bright veggies. Grab the Recipe: Supper with Michelle

EIGHT // Shocking Green Pea and Ham Soup 

Fresh or frozen peas make this dish bright green and sweet with little pieces of carrot and ham to finish it off. Grab the Recipe: Bon Appetit

NINE // Lemony Chicken and Spring Veg Soup
Chicken in a lemony broth topped over a bed of quinoa. Grab the Recipe: The Cozy Apron 

TEN // Spring Minestrone with Mint Pesto

Lovely pieces of veg topped of with a pop of mint pesto. Grab the Recipe: Sainsbury Magazine

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