Looking for something special to present on the Holiday table? I’ve got a great mix of ideas for you! A little naughty, mostly good – a healthy balance of recipes that I think you’ll love!

ONE: Prawn Balls
Make a big batch ahead of time, rest and then fry them up just before the celebrations.

TWO: Healthy Mediterranean 7-layer Dip
Dips are an easy win! This healthy version is light and fresh.

THREE: 7 Minute Garlic Jalapeno Whipped Feta Dip
Serve this with a mix of breads and fresh veggies to satisfy all.

FOUR: Gooey Baked Camembert
Looks fancy and will impress on the table – but there’s really nothing to making it!

FIVE: Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
A sweet dip to mix things up

SIX: Cucumber Feta Rolls
A fresh take on pasta rolls – filled with a delicious feta stuffing

SEVEN: Last Minute Fiesta Christmas Tree
No stress – no worries! This guy is so cute they won’t believe you whipped it up last minute

EIGHT: Caramel Apple Nachos
Dessert as an appetizer? It’s the holidays – enjoy! ok, plus it’s pretty healthy anyway! 🙂

NINE: Chocolate Dipped Clementines
Serve these alongside a cheese platter – so unexpected and simple to make

TEN: Veggie Tray
A “joy” indeed! Cut the pieces small, make sure they’re bite-size.

ELEVEN: Ricotta Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Another simple but impressive dish

TWELVE: Baked Brie with Candied Pancetta, Pecans and Spicy Cranberries
Serve this and your guest will swoon. Looks so fancy, so festive – but takes no time to make.

THIRTEEN: Cucumber Canapes with Whipped Feta
Keep it healthy, with balance. This would make a great canape for the table.

FOURTEEN: Antipasto Wreath
A beautifully festive presentation and a no-cook dish! I think serving this on a black cast iron dish really makes the colors pop!

FIFTEEN: Festive Filled Brioche Centerpiece with Baked Brie
Go for it. You CAN make this. Start the day before, it’s easier than it looks!

SIXTEEN: Christmas Tree Cheese Board
Kids will love assembling this! Get them in the kitchen with this simple recipe

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