5 Lessons Learned When Decluttering for Good

5 Lessons Learned When Decluttering for Good

I’ve de-cluttered and I’m baring it all! Sorry about the mess – but here’s the thing: I thought I had a very simple wardrobe until I pulled out every single bit of clothing, every bag and pair of shoes and laid it all out in one big pile. I stood there shocked!

I’ve learned 5 things from De-cluttering for Good and I hope it inspires you to start tackling your clutter too!


1. The pile works. It’s not enough to just tidy up bit by bit – you need to go hard. There’s something that clicks when you’re faced with all of your stuff at once. You really need that mental shift to de-clutter for good.

2. It’s faster than you think. It’s not often that you get to completely empty out a space and make a big pile of stuff. You kind of get into it and you’ll find that it takes a minute to do. Sorting and putting things back – is admittedly harder – but once you’ve made that pile, you just finish the job.

 3. Ask the right questions and you get the right answers. If you have a hard time parting with things – I found that instead of asking yourself, will i use it again, change the question to: does this bring me joy? You’ll be surprised what a very different response that brings.

4. You take better care of your things. Everything feels new and special again and it changes the way you handle your things. Now that I have a selected wardrobe – I’m not tossing clothing into the laundry after one use or leaving it lying around.

5. Space gives you clarity. You get a real sense of what you want in your life – and start really curating the things that you buy. There’s no feeling of need, or rush to buy new things. There’s a real sense of pride in editing your life.

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