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The idea here is to make simple changes, so that you can easily adapt them into your beauty routine – so let’s dive right in.

Green Beauty Tip #1: Use less water

Join the washcloth revolution! When you clean your face, instead of letting the water run as you splash your face – get a sponge or wash cloth. Saturate it with water, turn off the tap, then use it to clean the product off your face. Not only do you save water, but you actually get better results as you exfoliate dead skin cells away.

Green Beauty Tip #2: Give your water heater a break.

I love a hot shower. It really makes me feel clean. But, not only is cranking up the water heater bad for our planet, it’s actually bad for our body. It strips your skin of natural oils, which are needed to lock in moisture and leads to dry itchy skin. And it makes hair brittle! As if saving the planet isn’t enough of a good reason, it’s the brittle hair that really makes me switch!

here’s what you do – take a 5 minute shower. The first 3 minutes should be warm. The last 2 minutes should be cold. Here’s why:

  • Better circulation – Warm water causes vessels near the surface of the skin to dilate, and cold water causes the vessels to restrict. Just like in Hydrotherapy, this switching between warm and cold triggers better circulation, bringing oxygen to your skin and muscles.
  • Better looking skin – The warm water will open your pores. This is where you want to use your organic, enriching products, then cold water will make the pores close up – helping to keep them from getting clogged (pimples!)
  • Healthier hair – Cold water makes your hair look healthier and shinier.  The cold water works in the same way as it does for your skin. Closing the hair follicles, it prevents  dirt and sweat from getting in and therefore keeps hair strong. Strong hair will fall out less during brushing, helping to reduce hair loss.
  • It motivates you! – Ending your morning shower with the rush of cold water perks you up and makes you feel energized, ready to seize the day! Works better than a cup of coffee!

Green Beauty Tip #3: Read the labels

We really need to start questioning the products we’re putting on our skin and not just assume they are safe. Take some time to read the label and put down any product that contains phthalates, mercury, toluene, lead, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, parabens (hormone-disrupting preservatives such as methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, and propylparaben), or BHA.  These chemicals are considered to be the most detrimental to our health and subsequently our planet.

Green Beauty Tip #4: Use multi-purpose products

It’s simple – less product, means less packaging, means less waste. Look out for 2 in 1 products like a lip and cheek stain or foundation to powder.  You can also get creative with products that you already own. A good beeswax lip balm can also be used to soften and moisturize cuticles and to keep fly-aways down. There, you just saved money and kept 2 extra pieces of packaging out of our landfills. Well done you!

Green Beauty Tip #5: Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

We all know the effect that our gas consumption has on our planet. But, did you know you can also help to reduce the greenhouse effect just by choosing the right products? Petroleum derivatives are found in a surprising amount of beauty products like lip balm and lotions. Let’s not buy them. Here’s what you can do:

  • pass on all the products containing: paraffin oil, propylene glycol and ethylene.
  • look for alternatives: beeswax, cocoa butter and vegetable oils

There it is, 5 little green changes that can make a big difference to your beauty routine!

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