Creating a capsule collection can extend to any area of your life – your wardrobe, your kitchen, your beauty cabinet. The idea is that you carefully select only the things that you need and love, nothing more. You are curating your life and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good, that hold a story, meaning, usefulness and beauty to you.

Here are 8 haircare products to consider for your capsule beauty collection:


BoxWood Massage Brush: Handmade by artisans in Japan, the Tsuge Boxwood Brush takes 3 years to complete one brush. It’s carved from a solid piece of wood and the wide teeth make it great for detangling Unlike plastic, this brush doesn’t break hair or create static. You care for your boxwood brush by wiping it with Camellia Oil. Using this brush stimulates the scalp, and with the oils on the wood – it conditions your hair.

If you are an appreciator of fine design, you’ll love having this gorgeous, scalp healthy brush in your capsule collection.

Find it here: Chidoriyaworld


Herbivore Beach Wave Hair Mist: You know the way your hair looks effortlessly better after a day at the beach. It’s all the salt in the water and air that gives you that lovely texture. Herbivore are  makers of 100% Natural products, and bottled that beach essence in their Beach Wave Hair Mist. It has ingredients like Aloe, to keep your hair strong and hydrated and scented with essential oils!

Find it here: Herbivore

Klorane – Dry Shampoo: If like me, you’re not washing your hair everyday – you know that there’s those days where your hair starts to get a bit.. shiny. A little.. heavy. I’ve been using this dry shampoo and it’s pretty amazing the way it makes hair looks fresh and new again. It’s made well, with none of the nasties and filled with loads of goodness. It comes in oat milk, for all hair types or infused with nettle, great for oily hair. If you prefer, it comes in non-aerosol form as well (though to be honest, that’s an easy DIY!)

Find it here: Klorane – Dry Shampoo


Milk Anti-Frizz Leave In Treatment: Created with a base of organic and sustainable plants oils and infused with a blend of 16 essential oils, this leave in frizz treatment is a favorite of the hair beauty world. I heard about it through celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook, and you can see her talk more about it here.

I think it’s great when a product is known, not just for being organic, but for being effective!

Find it here: Milk – Reverie


Biconi Shampoo & Conditioner:  If you’re dealing with hair-loss, maybe because of hormonal imbalances, pregnancy or menopause – this is a great product to consider. The star ingredient of this range is Noni Fruit, a nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich powerhouse – which they harvest on the family farm. The shampoo is incredibly unique – it’s health food for your scalp.

The  noni enzymes nourish and build strong healthy cells, to support healthy hair. If you have ever considered going to expensive hair clinics to treat hair-loss, try this shampoo first!

I have partnered with Biconi and gotten to know them very well. I think what they do is brilliant. Find out more:


Turkish Bath Towels: If you’re using a bath towel to wrap up your hair after a shower – you’re doing it wrong. It turns out the fibers and weight of your standard towel can easily break your hair. Turkish bath towels are super light weight, soft and absorbant. You can find them easily on Etsy, delivered to you straight from Turkey. They’re hand-loomed, you can find them in organic cottons and – they’re beautiful to look at!

Find it here: Etsy
Camellia-SeedCamellia Seed Oil: Long valued in Japan for beauty care (think lush, silky hair!)  camellia seed penetrates the hair shaft and conditions your hair from within. It absorbs quickly and is brilliant to use with scalp massaging (try the boxwood brush) packed with antioxidants camellia seed oil promotes healthy scalp and hair. To give yourself an oil treatment, once a week, massage the oil onto your scalp, down the strands and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Find it here: Abundant Earth

tearinseHerbal Hair Rinse: I am in love with my weekly hair rinses – have you tried it?  What you do is make a strong tea, in 2 cups of water and mix in 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Pour it over your scalp, right after your shampoo. It leaves your hair so soft – it’s pretty amazing!

Thing is, finding the right herbs and tea blends can be tricky – things like horsetail, oat straw and rose petals. That’s why I like this product by Soap & Salve. They’ve custom blend organic herbs with the right properties to treat different hair types. They also have blends that brighten your natural hair color: red, brown or blonde.

Find it here: Soap & Salve

I hope that you found some new products here to explore and get to know more about. Something as simple as the shampoo that you use, can have a big impact on how you feel. Use products that you know are made well, with regard for your health and for our planet.

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2 responses to “8 Healthy Haircare Products You Should Know About”

  1. I make my own herbal hair rinse and enjoy the alchemy of it all. LOL. Love this post!

    By the way, just a note that the link to the Herbivore may be a little buggered as it links to the Klorane dry shampoo instead.

    • Cassie, thanks for spotting that!! I completely agree, there’s something about getting your hands-in and mixing a little of this… a little of that. Adds to the beauty I think 🙂

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