A new kind of lunch experience


I recently had the opportunity to help the Secret Chef (whose name I can’t reveal :) organize one of his underground lunches. He created these experimental, pop-up lunches to celebrate the way food can bring people together. Driven by a belief that “great ideas are discussed over meals and great relationships are built around tables”, he’s now finding a community of people who seem to agree!


When the Secret Chef secures a new location, he sends out an open invitation ( sign up so you can join the next one ) for anyone to attend. He then shows up with his portable sous-vide equipment, cooks up these incredible meals and feeds the crowd.  The food is quality, but it’s such a different experience than going to a restaurant – there’s a real buzz in the air. Volunteers are working together – slicing, garnishing and serving beautiful plates of food. People are showing up from all over the place, everyone is chatting, connecting and I just love that kind of energy so much. I think it makes communities interesting, it brings like-minded people together and good things always come from that!


Two sponsors pitched in to help make this event happen. Sabine’s Baskets provided fresh, local produce and the Barbie Girls provided ethical, sustainable meat. They both offer a home delivery service that you should definitely check out.


Because the ingredients used for this meal are all fully traceable, our meals came with a story. The animals, the farms they lived on and the quality of their life. It’s funny because it really got the crowd talking – some loved it, some felt weird about seeing what they were eating, but the point is that everyone connected with the source of their food and that’s really important!


For me, I ate with a happy heart. Everything was sourced with love, made with love. It brought us all together and I made new friends that day. I love that people like the Secret Chef, are creating these experiences for us. If you’re in Singapore, check out the Secret Cooks Club so that you can join in on the next one. If you’re not, see what’s happening in your city and get involved!


photography: Jeff Samaniengo for Little Green Dot

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