Giveaway – Facial Cleanser & Lotion from Kahina – Giving Beauty

I’m so excited about this giveaway, because I know that you’re going to be so excited about using it! Thanks to Charis Naturals, you stand the chance to win this ultra nourishing Khania – Giving Beauty Cleanser and Lotion Combo!

The star ingredient in this line of natural skincare is argan oil. Rich in antioxidants, the Berber women of Morocco have used argan oil in their beauty rituals for centuries to protect their skin from the harsh desert. This tradition continues today, the argan nuts cracked by hand and their oil carefully expressed. Not only has Kahina – Giving Beauty created a quality product using this precious oil, but they have done it by working closely with the Berber women, to ensure their ethical treatment.

This product carries with it a beautiful story celebrating women, tradition and true beauty… You’re skin is going to look great and you will feel great using it – total win!

How can you be part of this story and try it for yourself? 


1) Head over to Charis Naturals and show support by liking their facebook page.  They’ve put the hard work into finding products made with-out compromising our health, our planet or the people who produce it. Let’s support that by giving them a thumbs up!

2) Leave a comment below and answer this question: What is your favorite beauty ritual?

I’ll start – I’ve recently started dry-brushing my skin and it’s quick becoming a ritual! It helps to exfoliate and to get your lymphatic system working, which flushes away toxins. I’ve even seen a huge improvement with cellulite!

Good luck everyone!

Contest closes October 31st.

Because of shipping, the contest is only open to Singapore. But, if you have a friend who happens to live in Singapore – enter for them!

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