I thought I’d do something different and take you along on a day in my life. It’s actually kind of a fun perspective to see my day laid out this way – I think I might do this more often…


From top left to bottom right:

  1. Avoided a major breakdown after baby Meabh realised the bubble solution had run out! We made a fresh batch using this recipe – and saved the day!
  2. While Meabh napped, I paper mache’d ballons to make giant easter eggs for the girls and a friend.
  3. A quick stop to the grocery store, realised that the florist sell bags of broken flowers for only $1!! They’re so beautiful!
  4. Made a batch of homemade play-dough with my little monkey. This one smells like strawberries!
  5. Quick dinner for the girls – I boil the veg and pasta together to make it super easy
  6. Got to work on a e-book that my Green Living partner and I are developing. Super excited, can’t wait to show you!!
  7. Went to the Ecosystem soft launch party – they are building a co-sharing workspace and community for green minded businesses and individuals in Singapore. Bamboobee  was there, and we supported them in their Kickstarter campaign to produce their amazing handcrafted bamboo bicycles! You should definitely check them out. 

Have a fun long weekend!

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