I recently came across an interesting character, Susun Weed – she’s a four time best-selling author and has been teaching herbal medicine for longer than I’ve been on the planet! She has a wealth of knowledge and I was recently listening to her talk about the way we brew our herbal teas. We know that herbs have incredible healing and health promoting benefits – but according to her, the two or three minutes that we let it steep, just isn’t enough to really extract those benefits. She recommend at least eight hours to get the full potential.

So at night, I started steeping my tea in a glass jar. In the morning, I drink it as a cold tea, I actually prefer it as is, but if you wanted, you could add a little honey to sweeten. It makes for a really refreshing drink and according to her, a much healthier one too! PS – if you make green shakes, I’ve used my tea as the water base, and it works great!

Susun Weed is definitely a character, but full of interesting information – if you are interested in the world of herbs, check her out!

Happy brewing!

Militza Xx

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