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  • Learn // How to Sprout Microgreens at Home

    Imagine having a supply of nutritionally dense, fresh sprouts that you can toss into salads, sandwiches, smoothies (or clearly, any other foods that begin with the letter “s“). And it’s all growing right in your own home! If you’ve been wanting to cultivate your green thumb – you’re going to love this tutorial from Cynthea of Super Farmers. She’ll show you just how easy growing your […]

  • What’s Really In Our Household Products? Little Green Dot + Experts

    We have another Little Green Dot Expert on board! If you’ve ever been stumped by reading the labels on household products, skincare and foods, you’ll be happy to get to know Delphinia. She has an incredibly unique perspective, coming from both a law and marketing background, and now being the manufacturer of a line of (amazing!) organic […]

  • Essential Oils 101 by Alina, of Abundant Earth

    Hi friends! Probably the single best part about starting this blog has been the connections that I’ve made. When I began sharing my journey, my whole world opened up to a community of readers who just like me, are learning to live a greener life.  At the same time, I’ve also connected with the experts, […]