We have another Little Green Dot Expert on board! If you’ve ever been stumped by reading the labels on household products, skincare and foods, you’ll be happy to get to know Delphinia. She has an incredibly unique perspective, coming from both a law and marketing background, and now being the manufacturer of a line of (amazing!) organic skincare, Four Cow Farm. Del knows the underbelly of the industrial manufacturing industry, the part that most of us don’t see:  the weird legal loopholes that big companies go around, the clever advertising that has us buying things we think we need and the truth about what really goes into the products that we use.


Del and I have been teaching Detoxify Your Skin and Detoxify Your Home workshops together for over a year, and I love seeing people’s reactions when Del reveals what’s really in their favorite products! Our workshops are all about becoming informed and empowered – and now Del is here to help you too!

Here’s an introduction from Del herself, so that you can get to know her better. She’s going to give us a little primer now on household cleaners and, in the future, she’ll be answering your questions about products for the home and skin: what’s in them, what they are doing to our health and our planet, and how to make better choices!


What’s Really in your Household Products by Del, Four Cow Farm

I’m a mum, and I know the first question in my head, whenever one of the kids decides to pick something up, is probably the same as most mums: Is that thing clean? 

It’s every mother’s desire that their kids live in a clean home, free of nasty germs. In fact, keeping our kids healthy is at the top of mum’s stress list. But these days, it isn’t enough that we clean – we are also expected to disinfect, i.e. ensure every last germ is exterminated!

As a result, we have homes stocked with cleaning sprays of all varieties, scrubs, bleaches, gels and pastes. If you think about it, the average bathroom probably uses up to five different cleaning products every time it gets cleaned!

But the strange thing is this – most of us know very little about what goes into many of the cleaning products we buy. And scarily enough, most authorities don’t either. The U.S. President’s Cancer Panel has indicated that, of the 80,000 chemicals in commercial use in the United States, federal regulators have assessed only about 200 for safety. Read the serious health warnings at the back of the average commercial cleaning product, not to mention the notices on the extremely careful storage and handling required, and it’s enough to make any mum suspicious!

Because of these chemicals, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency now estimates indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air quality! It might be about time we all start asking more about what we’re really bringing into our homes. Being clean is a good thing. But making sure what we’re using to clean our homes isn’t causing any side-effects on us, our kids, or our environment isn’t just the smart thing to do –  it’s the right thing to do.


Thanks Del! Check out Del’s beautiful range of organic skincare for baby’s skin (although I use it on myself too!): Four Cow Farm

We’ll continue diving in deeper with more info on ingredients and I’ll keep finding us easy ways to simplify our lives from all of these products!

don’t forget, we’re all in this together!
Militza x

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