This is one of those five-minute projects that comes together so easily and leaves you feeling so satisfied! Do it for yourself, or do this when you have guests coming over. It’s a small detail that really makes a big impact – and I know you’ll love it!


I’ve been wanting to make a beeswax candle for ages. I have beeswax pellets that I use to make lip balms, but I don’t have the kit to make a candle and just haven’t gotten around to it. So I cheated a bit… but got the same results! Beeswax burns with a clean, light scent of honey, it’s beautiful and perfect for a bathroom where scent can otherwise overpower a small room. You don’t need to add fragrance – on its own it’s refreshing, deodorising and since you only use a bit of beeswax – it’s really inexpensive too!


Beeswax Cheat’s Candle


  • beeswax pellets or shaved from a block
  • oil burner
  • unscented tea light candles (stay away from toxic paraffin! go for soy)


  • add about 2 tablespoons of beeswax
  • light the tea light candle
  • breathe!

[ribbon title=”Where to buy Beeswax – in Singapore and online”]

Order Beeswax Pellets from iHerb: iHerb sell a big bag of white beeswax. I haven’t tried it and not sure how strong the honey scent is, though the reviews say that it does have a soft scent. This bag will serve you well to make all kinds of things like hard lotion bars, salves and lip balms – so you’ll get great use from it. Note: if you’re new to iHerb, you get $5 off your first order when you use my code: CPF766.

Order Beeswax Pellets from Singapore Soap: Singapore Soap sells white and yellow beeswax in all kinds of quantities – their 100g bag is a really inexpensive way to start playing around with making your own products and cheat’s candles!

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