I’ve just moved to a new country and a new home. Within the first month my skin suddenly became incredibly sensitive. Especially around my arms and torso, which is something I hadn’t felt before…

I blamed the water, maybe it’s too hard? I blamed the sun. But I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Until one day, I put on a freshly laundered shirt on and made the connection – it’s the detergent!

Creating a Natural Home – Back to Square One

Everything is new again. For years I had worked at creating a green oasis in my tiny apartment – and I made it happen. I learned how to care for my home and family using natural products that I could feel good about, I simplified my home, I saved so much money making some of my own natural cleaners…

I had a good thing going!

I knew exactly what I wanted, and how to get it. Once a month I placed an order online, hit “buy” and the very next day a fresh supply of natural soap and laundry powder was delivered to my front door.

I didn’t have to think about it.

Every 3-4 months I stocked up on baking soda and vinegar and with that, I could clean the entire house.

Caring for my home naturally became effortless…

But getting there was a process.

It took time to find the brands that I trust, to create the best recipes, to declutter and organize my household supplies.

And I made a lot of mistakes along the way! Like the time I tried making my own dish soap and it somehow made my dishes dirtier than clean (note to the reader: Castille soap and vinegar do not mix)! Or when I had no idea how to find eco-products that I liked, that I could afford and feel good about using.

A lot of people struggle during this start-up phase, and give up before it actually gets good!

If that’s how you’re feeling – I’m here to tell you that you’re so close – don’t give up!!

I’m starting from scratch again and I can feel those old frustrations of not having my home quite the way I want it to be. I don’t know the local brands, the shops, where to find the things that I need. I’m concerned about what’s in these products, causing skin irritations…

But I do know it’s about to get good again!

Years of experience has taught me how to start, how to simplify the process of creating a green home that I love and how to make sustainable living, sustainable!

And you can do the same.

I’m going to share with you the first step to creating a new lifestyle – because this is the part that so many people forget! And when you get this right – you’ll notice how quickly things start to come together.

Starting From Scratch:
The First Thing you Must Do

Let go of  “How”

The biggest mistake that people make when starting something new, is that they put all their focus on the “how”.

“How do I do it? How do I find what I need? How do I know when it’s right? How do I find the time?”

You can feel the tension in those “how” questions. They make you feel overwhelmed before you’ve even gotten started. This is where so many people opt-out.

Start with “Why”

Instead, put all your focus on your “why”. Why do you want to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle?

I start thinking about my family and this gorgeous planet of ours. I start thinking about how living well makes me feel. I start thinking about what matters to me…

…and it begins to form a sense of purpose. Like, heck yes! I want to spend an afternoon shopping for natural laundry soap! Yes, I’ll try making a new recipe to see how that works…

If you want to create a lifestyle that you love, focus on your why – and suddenly your mind will start searching for solutions on how to make it happen.

You’ll find yourself asking questions, noticing new things, taking classes, learning, trying, taking action and making it happen!

So, right now, if you find yourself stuck thinking: I don’t know how to do it?

Instead, ask yourself “why”.

Because it’s your “why” that’s going to get you there.

If you’re reading this article, It’s safe to guess that you’re interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle. So I have a question for you:

What does sustainable living mean to you? And why do you want to make changes?

Respond in the comments section below. Put your “why” out there, and your mind will start searching for the solutions that you need to make it happen!

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6 responses to “How to Create a Green Home from Scratch”

  1. Love you militza hope you inspire people globally for a change and help to save Mother Earth and go use natural harmless for house and skin and body. I always go natural whatever in my kitchen for hair and body skin and do home cook, besides it’s cheaper too.

  2. As you, I moved around a year ago from another country, and I knew I wanted to keep on my steps towards a greener home, now that I had the opportunity to do it from scratch as you say and simplify our home at once, since we could only bring what could fit in our suitcases, somehow the big change we made overwhelmed me and I lost my way for some months. Eventually I came back on my feet and began to look for the alternatives and I’m trying to get into the changes I’m convinced are best choices for me, my family and with this make my contribution to keep out planet safe. Your article couldn’t come in a better moment for me, because I hadn’t finished reading yet when my focus began to change just changing the question I was making myself, ’cause then becomes clear the relevance of my “whys?” and my feet move towards that way without much hesitance.

    As always, a pleasure reading you. I send you a big hug.

  3. Because I want to be a better person for my kids and to take care of this body and house so that they can grow up healthy and happy.

  4. Militza, you might want to install an anti-bot component on the commenting section so that spam doesn’t clutter up your comments ?

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