Creating Coziness with Essential Oils |

Usually when I think of using essential oils, it’s always about the benefits, the properties… what they’ll do for your skin, your hair… And to be honest – it was starting to feel like always focusing on these future benefits, is missing the point of self-care.

Recently – I have been loving, loving, seriously loving using essential oils just for the pure joy of it. Because they smell good, because they make me feel good…

On a bit of a whim, I picked up the Fall Blend Essential oil set from Plant Therapy (call it intuition) and it has filled my days with much needed coziness all around. Just feel-good, slow, chill, simple, comfort…

And it’s made me realize that this whole time, I’ve been needing to slow down my busy state of mind. I’m more inspired than ever to share natural recipes – but it’s like my ambitions were starting to make me feel restless.

One of my favorite mindsets is this: we can change the way we feel.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve been using essential oils to change my environment and to change my state of mind. And it’s really working!

If you’re feeling slow… get fresh, bright essential oils into your life. 

But if you’re like me – and feeling like you’re trying to keep up with it all, overwhelmed, frazzled, like your mind is running a mile a minute –  then it’s all about the warm, cozy, comforting, soothing oils… ahhhh, that’s better…

Want to know what I’m making? I’m excited to share this with you 🙂

Here are the three cozy recipes that I’ve been making with warm, cozy, Fall scented essential oils.
It’s been awesome exploring these oils – and I hope they bring coziness into your life too.

Warming Body Butter

Creating Coziness with Essential Oils |

Creating Coziness with Essential Oils |

Essential oil of choice: Spiced Orange

This body butter is a pair of fuzzy slippers, it’s eating ice-cream from the tub, it’s a warm bath, it’s mashed potato with melted butter on top. it’s all the comforts in life.

The clove and cinnamon in this blend, gently warms your skin like being wrapped in the softest blanket you can imagine. Ultra coziness in a jar!

Remember my essential oil measurement guide? This is important – you want to follow the 1% rule. Go easy with these oils. Cinnamon and cloves are very potent! You feel it right away – it’s beautiful – the gentle warming effect restoring a tired, overworked body and mind.

How to make it: 

Are you sitting down for this part? Yes… okay good. This body butter is a no-bake recipe!! DIYers rejoice! No heat, no melting! Scroll down for the full recipe.

“Baking” Air Freshener

Creating Coziness with Essential Oils |

Essential oil of choice: Pumpkin Pie

You know how good it feels when the air smells of something delicous baking in the oven…  like deep inside your core good… it’s the feeling of coziness. I feel it when butter is melting, when I walk into a bakery, when my mom makes a batch of her muffins. Like, everything is beautiful and okay and good.

This recipe, is that feeling – captured in a bottle. Spritz, spritz, spritz – and you’re there….

That’s the power of essential oils! Scent alone can alter your state of mind, your mood… it can make you feel sweet and warm and comforted – no baking required!

How to make it: 

All you need is a bottle with a spray nozzle. Fill it up with water and depending on the amount of water –  follow the measurement guide to measure out the right mount of essential oils.

I did 50ml of water + 20 drops of essential oil

Instant Coziness

Creating Coziness with Essential Oils |

Essential oil of choice: Autumn Breeze

Diffusing essential oils is less of a recipe – and more of a reminder about something you already know, but might not be doing….

I know I wasn’t until recently – because.. well,  I didn’t have a diffuser. I didn’t know which brand to buy… how much I had to spend… And then honestly, on a “get in my shopping cart” kind of day – I ordered one online…

Two days later, I’m diffusing Autumn Breeze in my bedroom – and it’s like – how have I lasted this long in life without this magical machine?

Diffusing oils in your home creates instant coziness. The scent fills the air, the oils work their magic – and put you right where you need to be.

How to make it: 

Just remember this: Get yourself a cold-air diffuser, which disperse the oils into the air, without damaging heat. Amazon has a ton, at $20 – $40. I ended up buying the Aura Cacia diffuser from Amazon (affiliate link) and it’s working great!!

Follow the user instructions for yours, I simply fill up the tank with water, add in 2 drops of essential oil and set for 1 hour. I’ve read that you don’t want to overdue it with diffusing – an hour a day really is enough to have a great effect.

Three simple ideas. But they can make world of difference when you need it.
Here’s the full recipe I promised for that cozy body butter… Seriously, make this!

Warming Sweet Orange Body Butter

  • 6 tbsp shea butter
  • 4 tbsp cold-pressed oil (I used rice bran oil. Sunflower, almond and avocado are also great.)
  • 30 drops Spiced Orange essential oil (Feel free to use your own choice of oil in place of Spiced Orange here.)
  1. Scoop out tablespoons of shea butter, scraped and level  – into a bowl or standing mixer
  2. Begin to blend in the standing mixer (or using a hand-held electric mixer) Blend on medium for 1-2 minutes making it smooth and creamy
  3. In a cup, combine the cold-pressed oil with the essential oils.
  4. As you’re blending the shea, drizzle in the fragrant oil to incorporate.
  5. The mixture will be creamy and pillowy. Transfer to a clean, sterilised jar and enjoy. Best used after a bath or shower at night for lovely skin in the morning.


If you’re just getting started with essential oils, you should download my essential oils measurement guide. It’s a free printable straight from my SIMPLIFY Skin online workshop.

Get your copy of the guide here!


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    • Hi Linda! That’s awesome 🙂 I’d love to share tips, please let me know how you use the oils too! PS: Autumn Breeze is SO beautiful when diffused, at first whiff I didn’t think I liked it! But Plant Therapy explained that smelling from the bottle is not the best way to experience the true scent. It really comes to life when used in your skincare remedies, or diffused in the air. I hope you love them!!

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