Have you watched the movie About Time? I won’t give away the story (you should watch it!) but it left me with this fun question. Imagine you could live every day, twice:

The first time, with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be. But the second time… noticing.

While chatting about this with Holly at the office, we realised that we do get this feeling – when we travel. The routine is broken and for that time, you’re seeing the world with fresh eyes, noticing all the beauty. It’s why we love traveling; the fresh perspective makes us feel renewed.

But can we feel that way everyday? Without the plane ticket?

The past few days, I’ve been going on these little “day trips”. Traveling the same old commute I’ve taken before – but this time, noticing… like a tourist in my own home, snapping pictures of everyday sights…


Hong San Si Temple by my train stop / The neighbours colourful repurposed planters /  The sweet alley cat /  The restaurant just before the dinner chaos.

So here’s the idea  – on your next walk to grab lunch from the office, on your way home, or just when you find yourself stressing over something: go daytripping. Be the tourist, actively look and when you notice something beautiful to you, snap a photo. This is not about “setting up” shots – it’s just about capturing the moments around you that you’d normally miss. It’s such a fun exercise to get yourself back into a positive state of mind; try it and see how changing your outlook can change your day – and the way you feel. Plus, you’ll have a collection of pictures there to remind you just how sweet this world really is!


the field of beautiful weeds / The neighbours chickens /  The dressed up utility truck on my street /  The ships entering port

Let’s do it together! Choose a time in your day and go daytripping. Snap a picture of something you notice – and share it with the hashtag #daytripping (or  in the comments below) so that we can all see the beauty in your world. Will you do it?

Try it tomorrow and throughout the week – what will you notice?

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