I love decorating with fresh flowers, but I don’t always like having to buy them. Here’s a fun DIY to create a pretty floral arrangement made of flowers found right outside your doorstep!

This is my neighborhood park and often the lawn is speckled with the most beautiful flowers…

  1. Flowers – You can pick flowers fallen on the ground, or take small snips from your garden. A good tip is to store the flowers in the fridge until you are ready to place them in water.
  2. Washi Tape (found in craft or scrap-booking stores) – You can also use clear  tape, but check what you buy: most adhesive tape is made from synthetic acetate and petroleum byproducts that aren’t biodegradable or recyclable. For many projects, I like the decorative Washi Tapes because it looks pretty & more importantly I like that it is reusable, biodegradable and made of renewable resources!
  3. Chosen container – Have a look around your house and see if you can find something fun and unexpected!
  4. Water – straight from the tap is perfect.

You’re ready to start!

  1. Fill your container with water making sure that the flowers will be able to reach in for a drink.
  2. Sprinkle some sugar in the water, this acts as a nutrient to keep your flowers fresher for longer. TIP: you can also add a splash of vinegar, to ward off bacteria and to help keep your flowers from wilting.

  1. Lay down the Washi tape to create your grid. Place your flowers in the gaps, to hold them in place. I like how the pattern from the Washi tape pokes through underneath the flowers!
  2. Depending on your container and your flowers, play around with how you lay them out. I found that it was best to put two flowers into one hole, to get a fuller look. See what works best for you.

Soon you’ll have created your very own floral arrangement!

p.s. I had to share this! Here is my little Meabh helping me with this project!

One more thing: you may notice that I will be doing a lot more DIY’s here and the reason is:

I truly believe that making your own things, is one of the simplest (and most fun) ways to be eco-friendly!

Let me know what you think!

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