This is my favorite way to stock up for the week ahead. I’ll play my new favorite cooking show on Youtube – and start cutting into beautiful ripe tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, whole garlic heads, onions… all the makings of a savoury, sweet and nourishing tomato sauce. Fill a roasting tray until it’s full, and simply slide it into a hot oven – 180°C/350°F for about 45 minutes.


After it’s roasted, let it cool – then whizz it up in you blender. Add a little stock, water or milk to thin it out to a pasta sauce consistency. If you have it, add in a date or two to sweeten! Pour it into muffin trays and freeze.


Once frozen, pop them out and store it in a baggie or container. Make sure to label it! Throughout the week, cooking a healthy meal is a breeze and when my kids ask for pasta for the third night in a row – with all the veggies that I put into that sauce, I don’t feel bad at all!

Freezer Tomato Sauce

P.S. tomatoes are often unripe at the supermarket. Early in the week, buy about 10 and let them sit out on your counter. By the weekend, they’ll be sweet, soft and ready to roast. Watching them change and anticipating it’s readiness is part of the fun! Let your kids know you’re slowly preparing their favorite meal it’s a great way to enjoy the slower pace of nature and not always turn to quick fixes and instant results!

Happy roasting! And don’t forget, we’re all in this together! Militza

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  1. OH WOW. this is amazing. what would i do without you Militza? Hehe 😛 Really. if i get to meet you in person, i’d hug you tight for sure if you dont mind.

    will do this roasting project this weekend to prep for next week’s meals! 🙂

  2. Any suggestions for people without ovens? 🙁 I wish I had one, but I guess I could just put them in the pot straight away without roasting first and just make a sauce that way…

  3. Hi Militza,

    I’m a kitchen disaster but I feel so inspired by you to cook! I’ve some qns, pardon me if it’s all too novice. 😉

    – how long can this be kept in the freezer?
    – What other ingredients can I add to the sauce? can I add some bell peppers?
    – any specific measurements for the ingredients you mentioned in the post?

    • Hi Emma! A pasta is a great starter recipe to get comfortable in the kitchen with, and in no time you’ll be giving me tips!

      – in the freezer, up to 6 months
      – anything! I like looking at pasta sauces in the shops or restaurants and getting ideas for flavour combinations.
      – measurements. ok, I’m totally guessing here, but: 8 tomatoes. 1 head garlic, no need to peel – they pop out once roasted. 1 onion cut in quarters. 1 red bell pepper, deseeded and cut in half. drizzle olive oil to coat, salt & pepper to taste. Chili flakes if you like it spicy! 🙂

      hope that helps! hope the measurements are right – taste it and see how it goes :))

  4. Thanks Militza! I like your tips of adding date as a sweetner! Such great tip! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful recipes!

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