Singapore friends –  I’m breaking regular posting schedule because there is an exciting event that I want you to know about! My incredible husband and his team at UP Singapore are inviting you to join them at the E3 Hackathon – Energy Efficiency for Everyone! This is a weekend-long event, focusing on creating sustainable solutions for the way we consume electricity in our homes, bringing together people (like you and me) who not only want to live in a better world, but are willing to come together and create the solutions that make it happen!


Have you been to a hackathon before? Here’s how it works:

On the first day, we gather, mingle and talk about how to make Singapore more energy smart. Then, we break into teams, each working on a different idea. Over the weekend, we take that idea, refine it with the help of mentors and, putting in our individual talents and skills, we create a visual prototype. On the last day, we present our solutions to a panel of judges. I know, it sounds intense – that’s because it is! It’s a weekend of action, energy buzzing, people giving it their all – and creating work that is inspiring and impactful! You’ll feel proud of yourself for contributing! And don’t worry, they’ll feed you throughout the weekend! 🙂

This event is for everyone, the more diversity the better because we each have a perspective to offer that can contribute to something amazing! If you are an ideas person, tech savvy, a numbers cruncher, a project manager, a creative, a teacher, a student or simply passionate about creating positive change and making an impact – then this is definitely for you!

Get all the details at their site – they tell it best. I’m such a fan of their hackathons, where I’ve seen complete strangers meeting for the first time, go on to turn their ideas – into an actual business! It goes to show: when you put yourself out there and surround yourself with passionate people, amazing things can happen!

They have a workshop happening tomorrow, Sept 24th – where they’ll lay out the details and get you started. Whether or not you can make it to the workshop (which you should  try!) you can still join the event, kicking off this Friday Sept 27-29th. Check it out!

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