Today’s spotlight is on Manuka Essential Oil. If you’re a fan of tea tree for it’s antibacterial action, you’ll be excited to discover this sweet little oil.
Manuka essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the flowering manuka bush.  Manuka honey, famous for its immunity boosting quality, comes from bees feeding on the flowers. Such an health giving plant – In New Zealand, the whole bush is used by the Maori people as an important part of their indigenous medicine (1) 


Manuka essential oil is a potent antiseptic, its very good at keeping your skin clean and clear – especially against bacteria and fungus. (2) Its wonderful for sanitising, much like tea tree oil. 
What’s very special about Manuka, is that it has an added sweet touch of anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Not only does it clean your skin – but it also brings calm to your skin, soothing away pain, redness and discomfort. 
This combination of cleansing + soothing  is so helpful for any inflamed conditions where the skin needs healing – where you want to sanitise to prevent infection and bring calm to promote healing: acne, dry chapped skin, burns, cuts, grazes and fungal growths.


Manuka has a very rich, sweet, herbaceous scent. I love it – it’s like honey and flowers and fresh green herbs.
It imparts feelings of calm, clearing away worries and stress. It’s very good at calming an overactive mind. Try diffusing manuka at night, to promote peace of mind and restful sleep. 
Its antiseptic qualities makes it great for cleansing the air when you’re feeling under the weather, especially when you’re feeling stressed or worried about being sick.

Below is a printable guide, for you to reference when looking for a skincare remedy or different ways to use manuka essential oil.
For sourcing essential oils, there three brands that I buy from and recommend: 
1. Plant Therapy
2. Mountain Rose Herbs
3. Eden’s Garden

Click to download and print your Manuka Essential Oil Reference Guide

Militza xx

(1) The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Valerie Ann Wormwood
(2) Science Direct

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  1. Hi,

    Your recipes for pampering all look delicious!

    I am making goodie hampers for Christmas presents this year, and this oil sounds like it would be a wonderful edition to one of the products, but I’m not sure whether it would be best suited in your body butter or body scrub to make the most of the oils beneficial properties?

    Many thanks


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