Fall is here… yet the Florida sun has never been hotter.  It’s just so intense on my skin, penetrating, blistering… the thought of doing anything outdoorsy during the daytime – makes me want to stay home, a big iced drink in hand. 

And it was that sun-dried feeling that inspired this mask.  I started to feel uncomfortable and self conscious as my skin became more and more dehydrated. It got papery thin at the surface congested underneath. We often think of congestion being an oily skin issue, but it can often come from water-loss, where natural sebum becomes thick and sticky.
Thinking about what my skin needed, three natural ingredients came to mind. When combined, their properties work together to help dried skin, deep congestion and overall damage from the sun.

Whole organic milk: for its watery hydration, moisturising fat and exfoliating natural acids that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and clogged oils. 
Apple cider vinegar: for its anti-inflammatory relief to scorched skin and it’s natural acids turning the milk into a buttermilk, intensifying its exfoliation effects.
Raw cacao powder: for its incredible anti-oxidant properties, building resilience in our skin from environmental stress.

I blended together these incredibly simple ingredients and, after just one single application – the difference in my skin was day and night. Before the mask, my nose felt bumpy, my cheeks were flaky – and immediately after my nose felt so smooth, the flakiness gone.
So I’m sharing this gem of a treatment with you, because it feels good to have a simple remedy when you need it.
* because of the natural acids, please stay indoors, out of the sun for several hours after this treatment. Or use before bed.

Homebody Face Mask for Sun-dried Skin

1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp organic whole milk
2 tbsp cacao powder
1. Add the vinegar to the milk, wait 3 minutes
2. Mix the cacao powder into the milk 
3. Apply the mask onto clean skin 
4. Allow to sit for 10 minutes
5. Rinse clean, apply a nourishing oil or balm  

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  1. Love your recipes and the healing powers if nature using all the things in my pantry. I have ordered your new book and look forward to receiving it in August.
    Keep up the good work and new ideas.
    Blessings, Robyn

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