It’s the last day of the month which means it time for: Favorites of The Month! Here it is – all the the little things that really stood out this month!

1. Calendula Remedy. This is from Four Cow Farm – a children’s skin care line that I featured before and loved. I had tested the products out on my baby with great results, but, this month I went for a facial at Aphea Boutique Organique and the technician actually used this Calendula Remedy on my lips. Wow! My lips felt soft for days after! I had never thought of using it on myself but – makes sense – it’s great for our baby’s skin, so of course it’s good for us too!

2. Renew Rose Hip Oil & Moisturizer I bought this in Watson’s and have been using it every morning and night. I felt a difference right away! It came in a pack together for $32 (the oil is organic, the moisturizer is not all-natural, but free of harsh chemicals) All you need are 3 drops of the oil and you pat it onto your skin (please don’t tug and pull!) The moisturizer goes on top and my skin feels soft and hydrated (which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles) Rose hip oil is great – it is absorbed quickly by the skin and contains essential fatty acids which helps to regenerate skin tissue.

3. Pomegranate. Can a fruit be a favorite of the month? Sure it can! It has entered my life, and when the season passes I will miss it greatly! Not only is it delicious and my new favorite ingredient for my morning green shake – but this superfood is packed with antioxidants helping to achieve health and beauty from the inside out!.

4. Mekhala Living Young Rice Milk Lotion. I’m always looking for a lightweight moisturizer for the day time. It’s so important to moisturize, but with the heat, the last thing that you want is an added layer. This lotion is light and absorbs quickly and it has such a unique scent – Moke Flower.

5. Vapour – I am all about products found in Singapore – but unfortunately I’ve not seen Vapour products here as of yet – but this is just too good not to mention! (Retailers take note!)  Vapour’s Luminous Foundation and Instant Skin Perfector have won numerous awards… which is what piqued my interest. I ordered on-line from the States and paid $13 shipping… I just had to give them a go! I loved it right away! These little magic wands even out your skin’s complexion and add a layer of coverage which appears so natural that it is as if you have no make-up on at all – just beautiful skin! It’s actually good for you to wear make-up in that it helps to protect your skin from the elements – but it should be made of great ingredients which protect and nourish and do not clog pores or cause damage.


I love discovering new things – if you have any experiences to share please comment on the Little Green Dot Facebook Page or e-mail me at [email protected] – I love hearing from you!

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