Who ever said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Healthy eating should never be about denying yourself. It’s a shift in perspective, where we choose to experience new things, new ways of eating that focus on whole and unprocessed foods – natural and body-loving. I’m talking about cakes with vegetables, ice-cream with fiber… it’s a whole new creative world of health that I’m loving and invite you to experience! You’ll have so much fun indulging in these treats, that you won’t miss the days of guilty eating!

Top 5 favorite guilt-free healthy desserts you can make at home


1. Raw Double Layer Chocolate Fudge with Cacao Nibs

Why are they called raw? This food movement, is about eating unprocessed, uncooked, whole foods that Raw Foodists believe to be healthiest for our body. Raw cacao at the top of the charts in antioxidant rich foods, and eating it in its raw form, unheated and untreated, means you receive all of those benefits. The good news for you too, is that no cooking means super easy to make!  These beauties are rich, chocolatey and so delicious that you won’t believe there’s no sugar, butter or flour!! Trust me, they will change your life!

Get the recipe from Gourmande in the Kitchen here.  


2. Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate muffins for breakfast? Why not, with wholesome ingredients like these, you can indulge anytime your sweet tooth kicks in! Applesauce and greek yogurt replace extra sugar and oil and ground oats replace white flour. This recipe calls for baking Stevia as a sweetener, but if it’s hard for you to find, use a raw organic sugar – start with 3/4 cup and adjust according to how sweet you like it.

Get the recipe from Dashing Dish here. 


3. Frozen Banana Ice cream 

Ice cream is one of life’s finest treats: creamy, sweet, delicious… and, now you can add healthy to the list too!  Here are not one, but five ways to enjoy a dessert classic. No more counting calories or watching your waistline –  enjoy this homemade ice-cream just like you’re a kid again!

Get the recipe from The Kitchn here. 


4. No-Flour Black Bean Brownies

You read that right. Black bean brownies! In this recipe, black beans lend their texture, not flavour! You’ll be surprised at how moist, chocolatey and rich these brownies are, but packed with so much healthy fiber and protein, they’re actually a superfood in disguise!

Get the recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie here.


5. Chocolate Avocado Mousse

A mousse is a beautiful dessert to finish off a meal with. Simple yet decadent it’s easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser. This recipe replaces egg and dairy with avocado and coconut milk. It’s the perfect kind of dessert – absolutely delicious, but just happens to be healthy too! You can replace hard to find agave with maple syrup or honey.

Get the recipe from Food52 here.

So, which one will you try first? Let me know in the comments!

4 responses to “Five No-Guilt Desserts You Can Make at Home”

  1. I tried the banana ice cream with success (even made some apple sorbet the same way, big success too)
    But the black bean brownie has been less appreciated… Strange taste, really…
    I will try the rest too !


    • Apple sorbet sounds amazing – I have to try that! As for the brownies, at least you gave it a go! 🙂 keeps things interesting in the kitchen!

  2. Hi again !

    I tried 2 more recipes :

    Banana ice cream with peanut butter and mapple sirup : great success with me and one of the kids.

    The double layer fudge : I love it ! But I seem to be the only one…. But I don’t despair, I may convince them in the end… ;o)

    Thanks for the recipes !


    • Hi Marion – agree, the banana ice-cream is a top favorite in my house too and has gone down the best! I’m obsessed with the raw brownies – it may become a problem for me 🙂 That’s awesome that you are trying out all of the recipes – thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

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