Abundant Earth‘s natural remedies support your body to combat the flu and recover quickly – whether you’re caring for yourself, or someone you love – you’ll want to remember these tips!

Flu Remedies
When you’re under the weather and your immunity is down – you really need a good defence. Alina, a clinical herbalist and aromatherapist from Abundant Earth shares her tried and tested remedies – using a combination of tonics, herbs and aromatherapy to help soothe your pain, boost your immunity and get you back up on your feet…

Alina’s Flu-Fighting Tips

SIP ON THIS: Cupfuls of homemade chicken soup.

Yes, this comfort food really does work! It’s immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, and decongesting – the perfect cold and flu remedy. Chicken broth is medicinal in itself, but you can use more garlic/chilli to make it more warming. Be warned, however, that cooking garlic destroys it antibiotic effects. You may add herbs to enhance the flavour of the soup. Get the recipe here

SOOTHE YOUR THROAT: Make an herbal tea.

Thyme is best for sore throats, and peppermint when it’s dry and scratchy. Adding some marshmallow or licorice root will help soothe inflammation. The antimicrobials in the herbs are good for combating both bacterial and viral infections. Use 1 heaped teaspoon dried herb / cup. If using fresh herbs, use 2 heaped teaspoons.  A simple blend could be 1 part thyme, half part marshmallow/licorice root, 1 part peppermint, or Abundant Earth’s Mellow Mallow, already made up!

INHALE THIS: Eucalyptus essential oil.

It’s antimicrobial, clears a stuffy nose and rattly chest. Put a couple of drops on a tissue, or 5-7 drops in your vaporiser.

Take care of yourself! Xoxo

4 responses to “Your Flu-Fighting Triple Threat – Remember these Tips!”

  1. Hello my name is Denise and I live in the United States I follow your blog and I really enjoy reading it the information is wonderful I have a question I’m looking for a day cream that firms and lifts And of course chemical free can you refer or suggest a company that has a cream like that? Thanks

    • Hi Denise! Thanks for reaching out – it’s really lovely to connect!

      I like this brand (click here) they’re inexpensive but also really good at what they do. I buy it on iHerb, and if you want you can use my code at checkout to get $10 off: CPF766

      That said, the very best skin firming treatment that I know of, is bone broth. It’s full of collagen and gelatin – which supports the skin. If you can drink it daily, it can make a big difference in your overall wellness and skin. No product can do that! 🙂

      The secret is to add apple cider vinegar to the bone broth. It helps to leach out the minerals, calcium from the bones which gives you so much nourishment. Make sure to get extra feet and neck, the gnarly bits – but that’s where the gelatin is and that’s what you want!

      Hope that helps! Sorry if you don’t eat meat, I know many of our readers don’t – but wanted to share because it is what I do for myself at home 🙂

  2. Just wanna share that sipping the homemade bone broth has really made me recovered overnight from almost catching the flu. Then I drank on the the following day. The flu has completely gone. Thanks to your bone broth recipe (I got it from your website). I have to admit it has been my first home cooked bone broth, and I will make it again. It is so healthy and handy for quick dinner meal prep. Also, dabbing Eucalyptus essential oil on your chest during the day and before bed, and inhaling it also help fighting flu.

    • That’s so great to hear! I find that sipping a cup in the morning makes me feel really good for the day ahead. I’m so glad that you tried it!

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