Four Unusual Nutrients in Kale

Kale is the boss. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – but what really sets kale apart are four other nutrients that may surprise you. Here’s why – these nutrients are generally found in… animal products!

Four Unusual Nutrients In Kale

  1. Protein – Meat is a rich source of protein but often, that comes along with saturated fat and cholesterol. Kale has protein, without the fat.
  2. Calcium – A tall glass of milk? How about a tall glass of green juice! 1 cup of kale will give you 10% of your daily calcium needs.
  3. Iron – A mineral that our body uses to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Here’s the fun part: did you know that kale has more iron per calorie than beef?!
  4. Omega 3 fats – A group of fats called essential because they are necessary for overall health, yet our bodies cannot produce them – we can only get it from our diet. Usually found in tuna, cod liver and salmon, omega 3’s are lacking in most people’s diet. 1 cup of kale has 5.3% of your daily recommended value.

My favorite way to eat this powerhouse green is by making kale chips, smoothies and now I’ve started juicing it too. For more recipes and ideas, I created a Kale Pinterest board full of delicious inspiration to get our kale on! Click on the picture below to see my Pinterest Board:



Singapore Shopping Guide

For my Singapore readers – I have the answer to your biggest question: Where do I buy kale in Singapore?

  • SGorganic – an online fruit and veggie grocer, with a retail outlet at Pasar Bella
  • Supernature – if you’re in the Orchard area pop into their shop. I’d call ahead to check on their stock
  • The Organic Grocer – an online organic grocer, also retailing at Pasar Bella
  • Zenxin – an Organic farm in Malaysia, order online, visit their wholesale center or take your chances, you’ll sometimes find it in Giant and Cold Storage

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