Kale is the boss. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – but what really sets kale apart are four other nutrients that may surprise you. Here’s why – these nutrients are generally found in… animal products!

Four Unusual Nutrients In Kale

  1. Protein – Meat is a rich source of protein but often, that comes along with saturated fat and cholesterol. Kale has protein, without the fat.
  2. Calcium – A tall glass of milk? How about a tall glass of green juice! 1 cup of kale will give you 10% of your daily calcium needs.
  3. Iron – A mineral that our body uses to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Here’s the fun part: did you know that kale has more iron per calorie than beef?!
  4. Omega 3 fats – A group of fats called essential because they are necessary for overall health, yet our bodies cannot produce them – we can only get it from our diet. Usually found in tuna, cod liver and salmon, omega 3’s are lacking in most people’s diet. 1 cup of kale has 5.3% of your daily recommended value.

My favorite way to eat this powerhouse green is by making kale chips, smoothies and now I’ve started juicing it too. For more recipes and ideas, I created a Kale Pinterest board full of delicious inspiration to get our kale on! Click on the picture below to see my Pinterest Board:



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For my Singapore readers – I have the answer to your biggest question: Where do I buy kale in Singapore?

  • SGorganic – an online fruit and veggie grocer, with a retail outlet at Pasar Bella
  • Supernature – if you’re in the Orchard area pop into their shop. I’d call ahead to check on their stock
  • The Organic Grocer – an online organic grocer, also retailing at Pasar Bella
  • Zenxin – an Organic farm in Malaysia, order online, visit their wholesale center or take your chances, you’ll sometimes find it in Giant and Cold Storage

7 responses to “Four Unusual Nutrients in Kale”

  1. Wow…I’ve only been juicing Kale so thanks for sharing these recipes. Can’t wait to try them!
    Btw, love your website….you always post articles at the most amazing timing to things I’m mulling at the same moment 😀

    • Hi Ruri!

      I love how when you start sharing your interests and connecting with people, you find others, thinking and doing the same things that you are. It’s so fun for me to know this, thanks a million for reaching out!!

      Hope you like the kale chips! Let me know 🙂 Now, I’m working on how to keep them crispy. My current method is eating them all up before they go soft :)) Let me know if you work out anything!

  2. Hi Militza,

    thank you for having such a great blog with really informative posts and links to make it so much easier for us (singaporeans) to find all the organic produce and things like juicers!

    I’d like to ask you if you’ve ever ordered veg/fruit boxes from any of the 4 companies and is it the same/cheaper/more expensive than going to the supermarkets to buy organic groceries?

    I looked up all the websites but most of them don’t state how much/what produce is in there since it’s usually seasonal, so if you have experience with veg/fruit boxes I’d love to know your opinion. 🙂



    • Hi Ag! Thanks so much for reaching out and letting me know! I have ordered from veg/fruit boxes and I’m a big fan but I do have some thoughts on them.

      1. Not knowing what to expect. So, you receive your box – and it’s a bit of fun going through everything and thinking about how to eat it. It forces you to get creative, like that show Iron Chef, you have your ingredients and then you have to make up a meal. THis works if you like a bit of spontaneity in your menu, but that might not be for everyone.

      2. You still need to supplement. What you get is a good variety of produce, but to complete your meals, you’ll still need to visit the supermarket and pick up the extras. So, I don’t see the box as a convenience, but rather a way of getting in new, organic and seasonal produce.

      3. The price. It is more expensive than going to the shops, but I find that when I get the box, I get more organic produce in our diet than I would have, had I only gone to the supermarket. Sometimes buying a bit of organic broccoli for $8 seems too much, so you don’t buy it – but when it comes in your box, you’re happy to see it and when you make your meal – you really appreciate that piece of broccoli for what it is.

      4. You need to plan. I find that when I get a box, I need to think about what I’m going to make – which veg and fruit will go off first?How can I get the most out of every bit? But, to be honest, this is how we should always be thinking about our food and I think that getting the boxes really helps to get that mainframe.

      hope that helps! If you try one, please do share your personal experience!!

  3. Hiya Militza,

    Thanks so much for your reply! 😀

    I’m thinking of going ahead with getting a box as I just bought a juicer today!!!!!!!!!! (Also I’m not sure why or how that links but I’m sure it does :P) *super excited*

    Just to let you know, I got the Omega 8226 from Robinsons! all thanks to your post on juicers as I’ve been looking and thinking about which one to buy for a while and your post made it so much easier for me to decide, as my primary intention was to juice leafy vegs and sneak a little fruits in here and there 😀

    I’m really excited to start and I love that your blog makes everything seem so fun and non-intimidating. My mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago, and we went organic as much as we can, and have been incorporating lots of veg/fruit shakes for her with the blender. But she was in hospital again recently so I really want to amp up her nutrition intake so thank you so much again for your blog!

    will share my experience with the box when I start!


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