Organised junk? Yes! Absolutely – your kids (and you) will love this! Instead of buying crafting materials, set up this craft box to reuse what’s around you.  As you collect materials that can be re-purposed, just add them in. That way, instead of keeping a stash of toilet paper rolls around the house – you’ll have this beautifully organised craft box – making all of your junk seem more purposeful! When ever your kiddo get a little restless – pull this out and let them get creative! It’s so much fun – check out below how to put together  your own eco craft box!

I think it’s important to set yourself up for success. Having everything in one place will make your life so much easier – and this craft box will inspire hours of fun! If you don’t have a little one – hopefully this idea inspires you to organise your own crafting box!

Here’s what you can include:

The container – I love Ikea’s see-thru containers. Get the caddy attachment, which helps to organise everything nicely and it’s dead cheap!

The tools – In mine I have: markers, crayons, paint, paintbrushes, tape, scissors, a stapler, glue and a hole puncher. The basics that they need for crafting.

The materials – Look for things that you can repurpose, even if you don’t yet know what you’ll do with them! Stretching their creativity is half the fun. Here are some ideas:

  • disposable plates, cups, straws, chopsticks and cutlery
  • juice & cereal box containers
  • scrap paper
  • wrapping paper and ribbon
  • left over party supplies – balloons, decorations
  • old magazines
  • newspaper

There’ll be lots of cutting, gluing – making collages… but if you need a little inspiration for a certain item – use the internet! Search on pinterest for chopstick kids craft or cereal box kids craft – and you’ll have a ton of instant ideas.

Have fun making!

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